Written a short story?

We firmly believe that if you have taken the time to create  something special to you then there will be someone out there who will love reading your work. That basically means that if you have written a short story then someone will wand to read your short story. Stranger Views would love to help you find that person and many more like them by doing our absolute best to publicise both the story itself and you as a writer.

We’re happy if the story has already been posted somewhere else (your own blog for instance) and would be very happy to link back to the site where it was originally posted.

Short story submissions – What we want

We do not consider ourselves to be gatekeepers deciding which stories are good enough to be on our site, so as long as your short story is well written (correct punctuation, proof read etc) we will put it up and do our best to publicise it. Flash fiction is also cool. Although the site may have a slight bias in general towards science fiction, we are looking for short story submissions from any genre.

The reasons we have such an open policy towards our short story submissions are simple, we believe that:

  1. There are too many talented writers who have written short stories that haven’t been  seen by enough people, and

  2. The fact that we can operate a website doesn’t give us the right to judge your work. We want to help you reach an audience, not stand in the way of one.

We will not accept parts of a story (i.e.. the first three chapters of a novel), nor will we accept anything so erotic that I would have to verify viewers ages.

How to submit your story

Send me a message using the form below. Then I’ll be back in touch and you can send me your story. Sorry this is so convoluted, but stops my mailbox being overrun with spam!