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Perhaps you have your own blog or review site you would like to publicise or maybe you just like reviewing books but don’t have anywhere to put up your reviews. Either way it would be great if you would submit a book review to Stranger Views. Reviews of all genres of literature are welcome.

If we do put up a review we will do out best not only to publicise the review itself but also your own site or anything else you would like publicised. Essentially we are always very happy, even ecstatic, to help a writer promote their work and will do our best to promote yours.

For those of you with review sites feel free to send through any old reviews you believe deserve another day in the light. We think it’s a waste to have a book review languishing somewhere on your site when it could be out there promoting your work and are happy to help.

We are only looking for reviews of science fiction and fantasy novels.

Our book review rules

We have very few rules when it comes to book reviews, but the ones we do have are:

  1. No ripping into self published or lesser known authors.

At Stranger Views we want to help and promote writers not make life harder for them. The reviews should still be honest, so of course we do expect you to raise any criticisms you have of the book, but we will not except wholly negative reviews of self published or lesser known authors. We will decide what constitutes a ‘lesser known’ author.

  1. We only want one review of a book on the site.

If you are planning to write a review it might be worthwhile making sure that we do not already have something on that book ready to go up.

How to submit a book review

Just use the form below: