Have your book reviewed

If you would like to have your book reviewed just use the form below with details of the book you would like reviewed and any relevant details about yourself or, if suggesting another writers work, the author.

Our Rules

For self-published, independent and, for lack of a better term, lesser known authors the situation is:

  1. If we like your book, we’ll review it

  2. If we don’t like your book, we’ll stop reading it.

3. We don’t expect or want freebies!

While it is clear from the website that we like our science fiction, we do have wider tastes than just that genre so don’t let that put you off from sending though a suggestion.

Our book review style

If you have your book reviewed on the Stranger Views website I can guarantee that overall it will be a positive book review, as we have no desire to harm writers chances of realising their dream. This does not mean that the review will be without criticism, if there are parts of a work we feel let the whole down we will include them as part of a balanced review. We just don’t review books we don’t like.

We do not do scores out of five for our book reviews. This is because we will be reviewing a wide range of books and believe it would be both pointless and misleading to try and use a simple scoring system to ‘rate’ both classics such as Gateway by Frederik Pohl and a self published writer’s first novel.