Top Ten Stranger Things T-Shirts

The saturated 80’s look of Stranger Things has become part of the Netflix generations zeitgeist. Its mix of magical realism and 80’s nostalgia created a look that was as instantly recognisable as any show in TV history.

These T-shirts celebrate the show’s aesthetic, it’s characters and some of the best and most iconic moment’s from Stranger Things.

Eleven goes goth

I wasn’t actually a huge fan of Eleven’s goth look, but I guess it was edgy at the time the show was set. On this T-Shirt, however, it looks pretty cool.

You can pick the T-Shirt up on Amazon, or you could just enjoy Eleven being badass with slicked back hair.

Dustin’s epic hair

Dustin and Steve’s bonding has been one of the most touching subplots of the series so far. It was due to this relationship that Dustin made a, somewhat unfortunate, decision regarding his hair. Still, the hair was epic and it looks great on this T-shirt.

A Stranger Things T-Shirt with a Retro Poster Look

A T-Shirt that celebrates the Spielbergian/80s look and feel of the show in its full glory.

You can pick this cool looking t-shirt up here.

Friends don’t lie

A ladies t-shirt that’s as sweet as it is cool. You can find this fun t-shirt here.

The hunt and the upside-down

Stranger Things introduced the ‘upside-down’ into the world. That scary, nightmare half-place where the Demogorgon hunted Will. This t-shirt elegantly shows Will hiding in the upside down as his friends hunt for him in the real world.

If you like this shirt, you can take a closer look at it on Amazon.

The Demogorgon is My Patronus

This t-shirt is just awesome. It’s fun, funny and badass. Everyone must love this t-shirt.

Show your Hawkins pride

Not as overt as the previous shirts, but still cool. Those in the know will recognise one of thier own when they see you wearing this Hawkins Middle School A.V. Club t-shirt.

Alas poor Bob

Bob, we hardly knew ye! Just a good guy who couldn’t make it out alive. His death is often overlooked, so show him the respect he deserves with this t-shirt.

Before you do, why not relieve one of Bob’s best moment’s below?

Be a Barb!

While we’re on the subject of characters that got the short end of the stick, here’s a t-shirt that reminds the world Barb existed and is worth remembering.

I want to beleive

Any shirt that references the X-files and Stranger Things is guaranteed greatness. And this one doesn’t disappoint.

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