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  • Wool By Hugh Howey

    Wool started of as a self-publishing sensation, and has since become one of the best selling science fiction novels of the last decade. It is a hard science fiction novel set in a dystopian future. A future where the surface of the Earth has become uninhabitable and humanity is trapped inside an underground silo. Their […]

  • Murder out of the blue book review

    Murder Out Of The Blue – book review

    Murder Out of the Blue, by Steve Turnbull, is a steampunk novella and the first in a series of detective stories chronicling the adventures of  Maliha Anderson. These tales are set in a version of Edwardian England where Faraday nullified gravity and the skies are ruled by vast voidships on which the wealthy travel. The […]

  • The Creep Mesquite Anthology review

    The Creep Mesquite Anthology, by Clara Bush, is currently a collection of three novellas all focussing on love, time and space. The three stories all involve aliens, gore, teenage love and space travel and are held together by both the characters involved and a certain thematic unity. The Creep Mesquite Anthology could perhaps be described […]

  • Law of the wolf Sa HUNt

    6 Reasons why you need to read the Law of the Wolf

    The first two books in the Law of the Wolf series were amazing, so we were pretty excited when  S.A Hunt recently released the third part of this series, Ten Thousand Devils. Predictably this book received lots of very positive reviews. So, instead of adding yet another positive review, we’ve decided to tell you why you […]

  • Three Drops in Time by Tony Jones review

    Three Drops in Time – book review

    Three Drops in Time consists of three short stories, written by Tony Jones, each of which uses time travel as a main element to the plot. I would like to start by admitting my jealousy of the author. Writing short stories is tough and to be able to write three such well plotted short stories […]

  • Antisense by RP Marshall - Book Review

    Antisense by RP Marshall- book review

    Antisense by RP Marshall looks at how our lives and personalities are shaped by our past and perhaps even our genetics. This is of course not the first novel to do this, but the way author dissects this idea is both unique and worthwhile. Antisense follows Dr Daniel Hayden, a rather unlikeable man, as he deals with […]

  • NovoPulp - Stranger Views Review

    NovoPulp 2013/2014 Anthology – review

    This is a collection of short stories from a group of talented speculative fiction writers who met through a Google+ community. There are eleven stories in total, all of which are rooted firmly in the pulp/speculative fiction genre. The cover itself harks back to a different age of publishing, an age where adventures were rip-roaring […]

  • Whirlwind in the THorn Tree review

    The Whirlwind in the Thorn Tree- Book Review

    The Whirlwind in the Thorn Tree (volume one and two of the Outlaw King series) by S.A Hunt takes the reader into the wild, wild west of the fantasy world Destin and does it with panache. Though primarily a fantasy story there are also strong elements of  both horror and mystery. In short it’s wild, compelling […]

  • Rust Season one book cover

    Rust season one review – Christopher Ruz

    A horror serial bringing together five episodes into one, pretty scary, volume, Rust Season One by Christopher Ruz is a tense and creepy story from a self-published author with a big future. First off, I haven’t put this in the wrong category. This is an omnibus edition of a series of books, not TV episodes. […]