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    Netflix Match Must Die

    I try to keep things upbeat on Stranger Views. Apart from the occasional rant about how bad Doctor Who has got under Steven Moffat, I generally only write about books and shows I actually like. But something happened last night that I just have to vent about. I settled down to watch a film on […]

  • Turbo Kid Review

    Turbo Kid is a low budget science fiction movie for all of you who are fond of ’80s sci-fi chic. It’s also a clear homage to post-apocalyptic science fiction movies like Mad Max and A Boy and His Dog. If you’re the type of person who has made it their business to watch every cult […]

  • Top Three Low-Budget Science Fiction Movies on Netflix UK

    Low-budget science fiction has a charm all of its own. Now that we’re well into the age of Marvel and the summer blockbuster it’s more important than ever to celebrate science fiction that focusses on ideas, character and plot over special effects. It’s not that big budget science fiction is bad, it’s just that science […]

  • Europa Report Review

    The Europa Report – Film Review

    If you’re a fan of science fiction and you have Netflix, at some point you will consider watching Europa Report. It’s like Interstellar, but on a really low budget.  Europa Report Summary The Europa Report is a movie about six astronauts on a voyage to Europa. Inevitably, the crew runs into various problems as they […]

  • 9 movie review

    9 film review

    9 is a haunting post-apocalyptic science fiction animation film directed by Shane Aker. The cast includes Elijah Wood, Jennifer Connelly, and John C Reilly. 9 plot summary The movie 9 begins with Elijah Wood’s character, the titular 9, springing to live in the post-apocalyptic future. He is one of 9 Stitchpunks, strange little creatures that differ […]

  • Why the Defenders should drop Danny Rand

    Let’s start this by saying; I didn’t hate Iron Fist. It was okay. It had some cool fight scenes and some strong performances. Unfortunately, none of those strong performances came from Finn Jones. I just didn’t think the character of Danny Rand will work well with the rest of the Defenders. He won’t fit in […]

  • 5 reasons why you need to watch Hunt for the Wilderpeople

    Hunt for the Wilderpeople is now available both on Netflix and Amazon. So I thought it would be a good time to encourage everyone to make time to watch this wonderful film. It’s brilliantly directed by Taika Waititi Taika Waititi was the man behind the hilarious What We Do In The Shadows (reviewed here). As […]

  • What We Do in the Shadows – Film Review

    This week’s random Netflix film review is What We Do in the Shadows, a black comedy about a group of vampires house sharing in New Zealand. When I finished watching Black Sheep a few years ago, I was pretty sure that that film would be the best New Zealand made black horror/comedy I would ever […]

  • The Best and Worst of Luke Cage

    Marvel and Netflix have combined to create some of the best TV shows of the last few years. So it’s fair to say that we were pretty excited to watch Luke Cage. And, while it certainly didn’t disappoint, it was a little more uneven than the previous MCU shows on Netflix. So here’s what we […]

  • Stuck in Love – film review

    I’m always wary of any film where the protagonist is a male writer. I’m doubly wary when thier main love rival is an unthinking jock. These films tend to fall into the trap of navel gazing and of making their leads a little too clever or too sensitive for an audience to relate to. Stuck […]