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  • What we can learn from the first 3 minutes American Gods Season 2

    Anticipation for the long awaited season 2 of American Gods is reaching fever pitch and the studio has whetted fans appetite by releasing the first three minutes of the new season. What we can tell from the clip It still looks fantastic One of the strongest aspects of the first season was it’s aesthetic. It […]

  • American Gods Season 2 Starts Filming

    After a long delay, filming on season 2 of American Gods has begun. As big fans of the show, it’s fair to say we’re pretty excited. Especially as it looked like the show might have been lost in limbo. Why the delay? The show has been delayed in part because it lost not one but […]

  • Mad Sweeney’s Journey So Far

    Mad Sweeney has stolen almost every scene he’s been in since he first appeared in American Gods. He’s the breakout God of the series and one of, if not the, most compelling Gods in American Gods. Now that Season 1 is over I thought it would be a fun to have a look at his journey, […]

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    Will they Change the Ending Of American Gods for the TV show?

    We’re a few episodes into American Gods, the TV show, and it’s clear they will be diverging a little from the novel. But the dramatic appearance of Mr World in ‘Lemon Scented You’ made us wonder if they will also change the ending from the novel. This post will be spoiler heavy, so don’t read below […]

  • Are the New Gods Bad For Us?

    A strange thought occurred to me when watching Git Gone. A thought that has perhaps uncovered a theme of American Gods that didn’t occur to me when reading the novel it’s based on. There is the chance that this theme was obvious to everyone else but me, of course. If the Reddit American Gods thread […]

  • Best Three Scenes from Head Full Of Snow

    Head Full of Snow was in many ways a slow episode. The plot barely advanced and you could write an accurate summary of the key events in one short paragraph. Yet it was also bloody good. There was some great acting and some beautifully shot TV. In fact, this may prove to be one of […]

  • 5 Talking Points from the First Episode of American Gods

    American Gods has finally been adapted for TV. The first episode, The Bone Orchard, aired on May 1st and it has got us at Stranger Views excited about the rest of the series. Here is what we learned from The Bone Orchard. It’s going to take its time American Gods, the novel, is a meandering […]