Science Fiction T-Shirts and Cool Stuff

If you’ve found a site like Stranger Views, you’re probably into science fiction a bit more than most people. That’s cool, we are too.

This section of the site is to help you some of the coolest science fiction t-shirts and other great stuff made for science fiction geeks like us. It’s early days, but each week we’ll be adding new stuff.

Science Fiction Book Shirts

Too few people proclaim their love for classic science fiction novels through t-shirts. Here are three to get you started.

This T-shirt for fans of the awesome cyberpunk novel Neuromancer.


You can buy this t-shirt from Amazon.

Still on the Neuromancer theme,  this t-shirt will get you nods from fellow aficionados who recognise Chiba city. You can buy this t-shirt from Amazon.

- CHATSUBO Chiba City - sci-fi Retro 80's - Long Sleeved Tee, 2XL, Navy

Visit Arakis! You know you want to.

Science Fiction TV show shirts

Stranger Things has been one of the event TV-shows of the last ten years. And it’s spawned some epic t-shirts and other cools stuff.We’re particularly fond of this Team Steve collection. After all, all Steve had was a baseball bat, spirit and a predilection for getting his ass kicked. Somehow this shirt encapsulates all of that.

Rick and Morty T Shirts

Science fiction movies

Movies spawn a lot of forgettable t-shirts and other memorabelia. But here are some that we think are fantastic.

Cells Interlinked. If you recognise the quote you know the score. Buy it here on Amazon.

Mens Replicant "Interlinked Cells" Baseline T-Shirt XL Black

Prefer the original Blade Runner? Perhaps this unicorn shirt is for you.

Design By Humans Origami Unicorn Men's Large Slate Blue Heather Graphic T Shirt