Zombieland – Film review

zombieland film review

Zombieland is up there with Sean of the Dead when it comes to zombie comedy. It’s funny, gross, scary and zany but above all has a well written script, a tight plot and some good performances. There will be better films on Netflix than this, but not that many.

The protagonist, known only as Columbus, is a shut-in whose OCD and painfully shy nature has bizarrely made him perfect for surviving a zombie apocalypse. Columbus is played by Jesse Eisenberg, who has made a career playing nerdy and shy characters. The only downside to his portrayal of Columbus is the nagging feeling that somewhere Michael Cera is sobbing as Eisenberg continues to steal his career.

Eisenberg is joined by the con artist team of Wichita (Emma Stone), Little Rock (Abigail Breslin) and the scene stealing Woody Harrelson as Tallahassee, a bad-ass redneck who loves killing zombies. At one point Tallahassee says “My mother always told me ‘some day you’ll be good at something,’…I don’t think she could have guessed that something would be zombie killing.”  This throwaway line gives some idea of the wildness of a film which has zombies being killed by falling pianos and hedge trimmers among other unlikely instruments. There are also the zombie ‘kill of the week’ cutaway scenes which will have you laughing as you wince.

Often zombie films try and cram in some sort of social comedy into the horror and gore. Zombieland doesn’t bother with any of that type of pretentious nonsense. Instead this film puts relationships and personal development at the centre of a comedy about the end of the world. We follow the quartet as they try to gain each other’s trust and and affection while travelling through a post-apocalyptic landscape, all the time trading barbs and generally being jerks to each other. There are moments that will be genuinely touching mixed in with the black humour and the zombies, and it is the actors’ ability to do the more emotional scenes and the sillier stuff that really holds this film together.

This film also contains possibly the best cameo in the history of film. I don’t want to give anything away, but trust me, Zombieland would be worth watching for the cameo alone.

If you’re on Stranger Views looking for a sure fire Netflix winner, Zombieland is for you.

Zombieland – Stranger Views Rating

4/5 Stars. Gross, hilarious and occasionally touching, Zombieland is definitely one of the better films on Netflix. If you’re still not convinced then here’s the trailer:

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  1. Absolutely agree. The characters are interesting and that really drives the movie forward.

    I still prefer Shawn of the Dead, it’s more my kind of humour, but Zombieland is a film I’ve watched more than once; a sure sign that it was a good’un.

  2. A definite classic to be. I’m more of a werewolf girl than a zombie fan. But this was smartly done and entertaining. I especially enjoyed his checklist. Have you seen Maze Runner? Just watched it last night. I was surprised at how entertaining it was for a film I heard little about. Worth a watch for SyFy fans. I plan on reading the book, soon.

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