Three Reasons We’re Excited by Deadpool 2 & Two Reasons We’re Nervous.

As the hype builds up for Deadpool 2 we look at the reasons to be excited and reasons to worry.

Deadpool 2 is out on May 16th and the internet is all aquiver.

We’re not immune to the excitement the Merc with the Mouth has caused, but we’re also a little cautious.

Here are three of the reasons we’re excited by Deadpool 2 and a couple that makes us worry that the movie will be a letdown. In case you haven’t already seen it: you can find the second, and our favorite, Deadpool 2 trailer below.

Three reasons we’re excited

Terry Crews as Bedlam

Terry Crews commits to the absurd wonderfully. And Deadpool requires actors that are going to commit fully to the weirdness. He also looks like a superhero and has great comic timing. So seems like a pretty perfect casting call to me.

Julian Dennison from Hunt for the Wilderpeople

If you haven’t seen Hunt for the Wilderpeople, you really need to. It’s full of pathos, humor and great performances.

One of those performances was from Kiwi child actor Julian Dennison. His surly, foul-mouthed, fake-bravado filled performance should be perfect for a Deadpool movie.

Cable is a great foil for Deadpool

There are millions of comic book fans better placed to delve into Cable and Deadpool’s backstory than me. But, what I will risk saying is that Cable and Deadpool make a great double act.

In the Cable & Deadpool comics, Cable’s straight man is a great foil for Deadpool. Cable is the powerful, godlike, mutant who takes himself too seriously. Deadpool the wild card with hidden depths. Together they have produced funny and poignant moments.

Vanessa is back

Deadpool 1 was essentially a love story, with Deadpool getting the girl (back) in the end. It was a great way to bring a little heart to the Deadpool character.

However, it may have been tempting to remove Vanessa from the sequel. An ongoing, maturing, relationship is often less dramatic than a story of love lost and found again. Removing or downplaying Vannessa’s role would have been a mistake, as Deadpool needs a character to ground him.

Vanessa can bring out the side of Deadpool necessary to make him on some level relatable.

Two reasons we’re a little cautious

Too many characters (Suicide Squad syndrome)

Guardians of the Galaxy 1 & 2 showed how to handle an ensemble cast. You need to give time for the characters to develop. You can’t just show some clips of the characters with a voiceover and expect the audience to develop a bond with those characters. We’ll call the latter approach the ‘Suicide Squad method’.

Deadpool 2 is introducing a lot of characters into one movie. I can only hope they have focussed on character development rather than trying to shove as many merchandise opportunities into a film as possible. Sadly the last Deadpool 2 trailor looks like they may have gone down this road.


Can you have too many dick jokes?

Deadpool 1 was refreshingly immature when it came out. An antidote to Marvel’s family-friendly tones and DCs failed attempts at depth. Deadpool 2 may be just as funny and surprising as Deadpool 1. Or we could start to get tired of endless dick jokes and breaks of the fourth wall.

If Deadpool 2 focuses on the dick jokes at the expense of pathos, then the movie could become a chore.

Similarly, Deadpool 2 needs to resist the urge to break the fourth wall too often. Talking to the audience a few times is funny. Too many times and it just becomes a gimmick.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re still very excited by Deadpool 2. We’re just managing our expectations a little. If you’re looking for a great science fiction film while you wait for Deadpool 2 to come out, why not take a look at our recommendations on this list.

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