Who I Hope Dies In Infinity War

7 Avengers I Would Love to See Bite the Dust in Infinity War

It’s no secret that at least one Avenger will die in Infinity War. And there are plenty of articles speculating who it will be.

This article is a little different. I’m not interested in predicting who will die, I just want to share who I hope dies. This doesn’t mean I didn’t like these characters, it just means I think the MCU would be better off without them.


It’s been a nice ride, but there is pretty much no point to this guy anymore. In Winter Soldier he allowed Captain America to connect with a modern day vet. He was an important part of the Captian’s development. Since then he’s been pointless. Being either unnecessary comic relief or non-superpowered backup to actual superheroes.

The MCU needs culling. And Falcon is a good place to start.

Iron Man

Robert Downey Junior has been great as Iron Man. He’s brought a playful side to the character as well as the pathos. But he’s done now. After Age of Ultron and Civil War I’m not sure what new direction is left to take the character in.

Allow him to go out on a high.


Age of Ultron was a high point for Hawkeye. He added being the team’s ‘heart’ to his other, negligible, power of being a good shot. It’s been a great run for Hawkeye, but I have no idea why he’s still here.

Time to die.

Doctor Strange

He’s magic. And that’s the problem.

Introducing magic into a universe is like introducing time-travel into a plot. It makes everything else redundant. Every plot that occurs that could be solved by magic will need a reason for Doctor Strange not to get involved.

Why doesn’t he get involved when Danny Rand is looking for Kunlun? Or lend a hand against the The Hand? He could solve these problems in an afternoon and still have time for cape swirling practice.

Having this world breaking power is never good for a universe.

War Machine

It may seem harsh to kill him off after what happened to him in Civil War. But it’s also necessary. If Iron Man goes, there is no point having a less charismatic version around.

Cheers for being average Don, but it’s time to leave the party.


I’m just not a fan. I wish I could give you a better reason. But I can’t. Maybe it’s his quips. Maybe I’m jealous of his youth. For whatever reason, I’d be happier if he wasn’t the MCU anymore.

Iron Fist

Okay, I know he won’t be in Infinity War. But he is by far and away the most pointless Defender and I’d love for him to be collateral damage in the Infinity War.

If there is anyone you think should be on this list let me know.

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