The Narrow World Short Film

A stunning short film from Brent Bonacorso. 

The Narrow world is a short faux-documentary about a gigantic alien that comes to earth and refuses to acknowledge or interact with humanity. It ignores being shot at by the military, studied by scientists  and just being generally heckled by humanity.  It seems as disinterested in us as we are fascinated by it.

Brent Bonacorso has a background in advertising and it shows in how he quickly manipulates the viewers emotion through beautiful compositions and a clever use of background noise and music. 

The alien is perhaps the most impressive aspect of the film. It’s a fantastic creation both in concept and imagination. It silently evokes a sense of wonder and awe both due to it’s scale and the rough elegance of its design. It simultaneously invites speculation and remains inscrutable.  

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If you’re wondering about what that awesome song was at the end of the Narrow World, it’s Outro by M83 and you can enjoy it below. You’re welcome.

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