The Europa Report – Film Review

One of the best low budget sci-fi films on Netflix

If you’re a fan of science fiction and you have Netflix, at some point you will consider watching Europa Report. It’s like Interstellar, but on a really low budget. 

Europa Report Summary

The Europa Report is a movie about six astronauts on a voyage to Europa. Inevitably, the crew runs into various problems as they carry out their mission. The film is told through a mixture of talking heads and found footage.

Europa Report Summary

Europa Report Review

Europa Report is a sci-fi meditation on the purpose of discovery. It’s also a claustrophobic horror movie. It’s the marriage of these two aspects that make it such a watchable low budget science fiction movie.

The actors playing the six astronauts play off each other well. They capture both the camaraderie of the group and the stresses of living in a claustrophobic environment for such a long time. The pick of the actors is probably Michael Nyqvist, who plays the engineer Andrei Blok. Nyqvist is a criminally underused actor in movies in general, one that’s able to insert a certain depth of soul into any role.

Daniel Wu also gives an authoritative performance as a mission chief who’s capable of making life or death decisions in an instant, but who is clearly haunted by these decisions.

Europa Report Review

Throughout Europa Report we are shown the majesty of scientific endeavour and space exploration. We see the crew’s optimism at the start of the mission and their mental toughness and intelligence when events turn against them. Eventually, they show their bravery and humanity in the face of a hostile planet.

The set, while obviously made on a budget, gives a shape to the claustrophobia the astronauts experience. It also gives the viewer an idea of just how fragile their existence is when set against the vastness of space and the reality of landing on an unknown planet.

Occasionally the ‘scares’ can be a little predictable and clunky, and it’s by no means the sleekest film about space you will ever see. But, overall, The Europa Report delivers what you would expect. It’s an enjoyable science fiction film made clearly with science fiction fans in mind. If you’re not a sci-fi fan it’s probably not for you. You’re also probably on the wrong blog.

Europa Report is a film for those of you who love science fiction for its depth and intelligence not just the special effects the genre is often associated with. If you’ve got Netflix, you can watch it on that. If not, you can pick it up Amazon.

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