Super – Film Review

A brutal film with a dark heart.

When short order cook Frank D’Arbo’s wife leaves him for a villainous drug dealer he becomes a superhero named the Crimson Bolt; fighting crime with his trusty wrench.

That sounds like a comedy right? If you came across a film with that blurb, title and starring Rainn Wilson you’d think it was a comedy, wouldn’t you? I certainly did.

I was wrong. There are some very funny moments that stray into black comedy. But Super is straight up horrifying. Super sees the damaged Frank D’Arbo (played by Rainn Wilson) team up with Libby (Ellen Page) to fight crime in the most realistic, violent and depressing way possible.

Super- The film people say Kick-Ass is

Super is certainly a film people who liked Kick-Ass should watch. It certainly has a very different tone to Kick-Ass, but it does make a great companion movie.

Unlike Kick-Ass, which played its violence and psychopathy largely for laughs, Super stares straight into the abyss. Here we get a better idea of the type of person who is willing to wage a one-man war on crime, and it’s not pretty. It’s psychotic.

What makes it so disturbing is how realistic Wilson’s and Page’s characters are. You could imagine them living next door to you, or buying groceries next to you when you’re in the supermarket. To see the madness that lies within these characters is as creepy as any horror movie.

The drug dealer who steals Frank’s wife is played by Kevin Bacon, who mixes charisma and charm with a low life thug mentality to produce a memorable and insidious character. His colorful performance contrasts perfectly with the drab Frank D’Arbo. The scene where these two meet is one of the highlights of the movie, with Bacon’s character dominating and outclassing D’Arbo without D’Arbo realizing it. While it sounds harsh, you can kind of see why Frank’s wife left him for Kevin Bacon.

Should You Watch Super?

It really depends on what you want. If you like your movies as black as the tar in a smoker’s lungs you’ll love Super. If you’re expecting a lighthearted Kick-Ass style movie, then you will be disappointed. Hopefully, the Trailer will let you decide:

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