Space Trucker Bruce – Film Review

A strange film that will put a smile on many a sci-fi fan’s face

This is a film that many people who spend time on a site like Stranger Views will love. Although they may find it hard to justify to non science fiction fans.

The film follows Bruce, a lonely space trucker, on his way back to Titan Space Station. On the way he picks up a hitchhiker and gets into a few other adventures. To be honest, the plot serves its purpose but it’s not the reason Space Trucker Bruce is enjoyable.

Made by Anton Dorion, Space Trucker Bruce is a film with a meandering plot, cardboard sets and acting that is a little on the unusual side. Yet it’s still a film many science fiction fans will find really cool. I watched it last night and I’m still smiling about it today.

Why Space Trucker Bruce Works

A big part of the films success is the amount of love that clearly went into making it. It’s simply impossible to watch Space Trucker Bruce without vicariously feeling some of the joy the crew felt while making the film. This is a pretty rare experience in film. It reminds me of going to theatres under pubs in London; they are never going to be as polished or perfect as a big production, but they still have their own charm and can be enjoyable in a unique way.

The cardboard sets brought on a wave of nostalgia for this reviewer, who was brought up on Red Dwarf and other cheaply made sci-fi TV shows, and I suspect others may feel the same.

You can find the trailer below and, if it looks good to you, you can find the whole film on YouTube here.

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Space Trucker Bruce isn’t the slickest or coolest film you will ever see. But it was made with love and it has a definite charm. If you love science fiction, you’ll get a kick out of this film.

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