What We Do in the Shadows – Film Review

A great comedy from the land of the long white cloud

This week’s random Netflix film review is What We Do in the Shadows, a black comedy about a group of vampires house sharing in New Zealand.

When I finished watching Black Sheep a few years ago, I was pretty sure that that film would be the best New Zealand made black horror/comedy I would ever see. Turns out I was wrong. What We do in the Shadows is a darkly hilarious and weirdly sweet story about some vampires living in Wellington who just want to relax, get by and drink your blood.

The headline figure in this film is Jermaine Clement, who many of you will recognise from Flight of the Conchords and Eagle vs. Shark. Jermaine plays Vladislav, a menacing Vlad Tepes style vampire who is also quite loveable: like a geeky blood-drenched Byron. He is joined in the vampire house by Taika Waititi (playing a lovelorn dandy vampire) and Jonny Brugh playing roguish Deacon.

Told in the style of a documentary, the movie is largely rooted in the kooky charm of watching vampires negotiate the 21st century with the aid and hindrance of their newest recruit.

What We Do In The Shadows is full of humour and charm if a little light on substance. It’s downbeat and everyday tone providing both a great setting for humour but also earthing the film just a little too much in reality. This means that the film can appear to be more like a feature-length episode of a great sitcom rather than a movie itself.

That said, what the film lacks in depth it more than makes up for in charm, wit and a rather off-the-wall humour. So if you are looking for some guaranteed laughs then this could be the film to watch.

What We Do In The Shadows rating

4/5 stars. One of the films that makes a Netflix subscription worthwhile. It’s not on Prime, but you can rent it on Amazon. If you like reviews of random movies with a sci-fi or fantasy bent, you can read loads of them here. You can see the trailer for the movie here:

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