Ready Player One: It’s not going to be Cyberpunk

A note on the latest Ready Player One trailer

The novel Ready Player One is often described as cyberpunk.  It’s not. Despite its dystopian setting and cyberpunk elements it lacks the edge to be truly cyberpunk.

Speilberg agrees. This trailer shows that any pretense towards cyberpunk has been stripped out in place of a Spielbergian soft focus adventure.

This doesn’t mean it’s not going to be enjoyable. But it’s probably not going to be a groundbreaking.

The easter-egg lovers among you will have loads of cool references to hunt out. The plot will be serviceable and the love interest saccharine.  But, aside from the visuals, it’s unlikely there will be much to remember this movie for.

How Excited About Ready Player One should you be?

Not very. The trailer doesn’t suggest anything beyond a standard blockbuster movie with extra cameos to make geeks squee.

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