Awesome Movies DC Should Be Making Instead of the Joker Movie

Four movies DC could make that would be better than a Joker movie

News has come out that Jared Leto’s Joker is getting his own origin story movie. While we hope that’s it won’t be as underwhelming as Leto’s Joker was in Suicide Squad, we don’t think it’s the movie DC should be making.

DC’s attempts at world-building have been at best disappointing and at worst god awful, depending on your viewpoint. But instead of being the one millionth person to pick out all of the many ways DC have screwed up, I thought it would be more fun to think of the great movies DC could be making.

The Killer Croc Solo Movie

Killer Croc had zero impact on the story in Suicide Squad. Slipknot had more value to the plot and he died after about 5 minutes.

Killer Croc was pretty much just there. I have no idea how this was allowed to happen. It was baffling as to why a giant crocodile man was given so little characterisation.

I left the cinema feeling that there was a really interesting character in Killer Croc that was completely unexplored. Wouldn’t it be cool to explore this guy’s tenous link to humanity?

I’d love to see a film with Killer Croc as the main character. He could start out estranged from people, a monster just trying to survive. Perhaps a child find him and starts to bring out his more human side. Slowly he becomes a kinder more sympathetic character. Before tragically being brought back down by the ugliness in the world. Okay, I’m basically describing the arc of the Film Leon. But would that be such a bad thing? Wouldn’t Leon have been improved if Leon himself was a giant crocodile?

The Dark Knight Returns Remake (sort of)

Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns is the story Batman v Superman should have been. If you haven’t read it, do so now.

It’s clear that Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman borrows a lot from The Dark Knight Returns. Affleck’s portrayal of Batman draws heavily from Miller’s depiction of the Dark Knight. Much of the fight between Batman v Superman was ripped straight from the graphic novel. As was nuclear Superman and even the Batmobile. My question is: why stop there?

The Dark Knight Returns sees Batman going up against Reagan’s US Government during the middle of the cold war. Batman has to justify his existence and his brutal nature to the press, the populace of Gotham and himself. This all comes together to make the type of powerful movie that Affleck clearly thought he was acting in.

This direction would even give this darker, more conflicted Superman a reason to exist. In the Dark Knight Returns Superman’s role of representing the American Way has become warped by his association with Reagan’s Government. In Batman v Superman he just comes across as kind of a dick.

At a time when Donald Trump is President, is there anything more frightening than Superman being ordered around by a populist leader with a narcissistic personality disorder?

The Battle for Harley Quinn

The idea is based on the brief flashback scenes between Harley Quinn, when she was a psychologist, and the Joker. A film based around the seduction of Harley Quinn by the bat-shit crazy Joker has the makings of a great psychological thriller.

I could see Harley Quinn being similar to Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman, a woman being dragged into the abyss by an unstoppable force. For added drama she should have a relationship with Bruce Wayne, to give her fall a genuine impact on Batman’s outlook.

The main theme of this movie could be the Joker ‘proving’ that everyone is just one bad day away from being as crazy as he is, as he attempted to do in the awesome Killing Joke.

This film would only work if Harley Quinn stopped saying ‘puddin’ in such an annoying way.

A Good Suicide Squad Movie

Okay, I know some people are still saying that Suicide Squad was an okay movie. It wasn’t, it was severely flawed. But, much like Batman v Superman, you get the feeling that there was a good film in there somewhere; but unfortunately it was ruined by some horrible editing, a lack of direction and what appears to be DC’s determination to ruin everything it touches.

The world is certainly ready for a rough and aggressive Suicide Squad movie, where all of the main protagonists are genuinely morally ambiguous. The problem seems to be that DC spends too long looking over their shoulder at Marvel instead of trying to do something new and unique. Which is doubly odd considering that they saw the success of Nolan’s Batman.

For me there is one director that could handle an ensemble piece like Suicide Squad, while making it as gritty, punchy and funny as it needs to be; Quentin Tarantino. This may seem an odd choice but, if he could be persuaded not to do a horrible cameo, Tarantino could nail this piece. He wouldn’t cave to studio pressure, he wouldn’t let any oddly ropy CGI distract the viewer and he wouldn’t have put up with any forced emotion destroying the ending of the film.

Instead of these we’re going to get Jared Leto overact for probably about 2 1/2 hours. And DC’s run of average movies will continue.

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