Is it Okay to be Excited by Future World?

It’s derivative, spells the end for James Franco, and looks stupid. But we still kind of want to watch Future World.

In the last few days, the first trailer for a post-apocalyptic movie called Future World was released.

The trailer, which you can view below, raises some interesting questions:

Has James Franco lost his mind?

Is it wise for a guy who has a history of being sleazy as fuck to play the role of a lechy warlord? What was he thinking? What was his agent thinking?

Or, is this film actually just a recording of Franco chasing women on the Mad Max set?


Was Future World really the best title they could come up with?

Did they leave the naming brainstorm till 5pm on a Friday and just think “Sod it, it’s set in the world, in the future. Let’s just call it ‘Future World’ and go out to do some coke”?


Could they not have tried a little harder to hide their sources?

It’s one thing to rip off Mad Max and Blade Runner 2049. It’s another to be quite so flagrant about it.


Should I watch Turbo Kid Tonight?

Turbo Kid was a derivative post-apocalyptic movie, but it looks like it was made with a lot more intelligence and charm than Future World.


Why do I still want to see Future World?

By any measure, this movie looks rubbish. Yet I’m kind of intrigued. I’m not saying I’d pay money to see it. But I’d be willing to risk disappointment by watching it on Netflix one day.



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