Iron Sky – film review

Screw you if you don’t like this movie.

Rotten Tomatoes gives this 36% and IMDB only 6/10 so it is fair to say it has not had a lot of great reviews. So if you don’t like this film that’s fine, you are in good company.  It just means that there is no joy in your soul.

The set up is; in 1945 the Nazis went to the moon after discovering some anti-gravity technology and in 2018, after being disturbed by an American moon landing, they are coming back. The Nazis’ return to earth, where they come across a Sarah Palin-esque president, does not go quite as you would expect.

The Nazi moon base is realised wonderfully and designed with such an eye for detail that they should have won an Oscar for that alone. It has a very steam punk feel and through the designs you really get the sense of a society that is fossilising slowly. There are also some pretty cool flying saucers and other ships. The style of the Nazi moon base is contrasted with the sleek modernism of Earth in the near future, where Apple has clearly won the design war.

Many have criticised the film for being a one gag movie, which couldn’t be further from the truth. If anything, the film tries to pack too much in, going from almost carry on style laughs on the moon to satire on the Earth while fitting in a few romantic subplots, a host of references to other films and an earth invasion to boot. At some points I suspected that the film-makers wanted to jam everything they could into one movie in case they never got another chance. Occasionally this does go a little far, and it’s possible that the script could perhaps have been trimmed a little, but to dwell on this is to ignore the genuine humour and joy in the movie.It’s not like the moviemakers have tricked anyone into thinking they going to see a Godard film. Iron Sky wears its B-Movie heart on it’s sleeve so you know from the start that its going to be a little insane and if you’re not up for that watch something else.

I have seen other reviewers say that it is trite to characterise Palin as a pseudo Nazi. This could be true, but showing how One Nation rhetoric can easily slide into ugly Nationalism isn’t trite, and is in fact relevant not just to America but to most European countries at this point in time.

Overall this movie packed more than enough gags in it for any movie lover to have a great time watching it. I can’t quite decide my favorite joke in the movie but it probably comes down to a particular outfit choice on the bridge of a spaceship and an excellent take off of an iconic scene from Downfall.

There is also a blink and you will miss it cameo from the Tardis, which I’m sure a few readers of this website will enjoy if they catch it.

Iron Sky Rating

So, to hell with the critics, Iron sky is clearly a 4 star movie!

Iron Sky is available on Netflix should you subscribe.

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  1. Boy was I cussing when I saw you’d got to this one first!
    It took me the whole movie to work out whether they were being serious or not,
    but then the moment as the credits began to roll it hit me and the brain gremlins started picking it to pieces.
    I need to see it again, cause under all the swarmyness, gratuitous panty shots, tantalizing semi-hump scenes
    & nazis flying UFO’s there really is something a lot deeper going on.
    Completely missed the tardis 🙁
    Nice review bud.

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