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Guardians of the Galaxy

Two things you should know about Guardians of the Galaxy. One; it’s ridiculous, and two; I can’t wait to see it again.

Based on a lesser known branch of the Marvel family tree, Guardians of the Galaxy came to our screens on the back of a hard to believe amount of publicity for some pretty obscure characters. Luckily for all involved the film and its characters more than justified the hype.

The plot revolves around the Guardians being forced together by the bad guy’s desire to find the macguffin, sorry ‘Orb’, which Chris Pratt’s Peter Quill has already stolen. From this set up the team are introduced to each other and despite vast personality differences manage to bond. So far – so Marvel. The ending even involves the Marvel go-to move of something large and dangerous coming from the sky, so it’s pretty clear that, while this may be a slight departure for the Marvel franchise, all of the Marvel tropes and cliches are going to be intact. Given that the director clearly had some pretty strong guidelines to work with from up on high it is impressive that he put together such an enjoyable and unique film.

My only real issues with the film rested on how certain characters were different from how I expected having read some of the comics. This though is a minor, even stupid, quibble as when the medium is changed you have to accept that certain other changes will also have to be made. Otherwise you end up being one of those people who think that Tom Bombadil should have been kept in the Lord of the Rings movies.

So let’s go through the team. Chris Pratt brings the sense of humour and comic timing necessary to play Peter Quill (Star Lord). Gamora is the most gorgeous green lady you are ever likely to see, but I did think she was a little too nice for the ‘most dangerous women in the galaxy,’ still,  Zoe Saldana did a great job bringing humour to the character. Drax was perhaps the biggest departure from the character of the Annihilation and War of Kings comics and I was a little disappointed by this, as basically he has been a little depowered and made a lot more stupid. I understand the reasons for this and it shouldn’t detract from Dave Bautista’s performance, which was physical and intimidating but never once one-dimensional. Groot was brilliantly voiced by Vin Diesel, who must have been a little gutted not to be playing Drax. It has to be said that the way Groot is given new gifts as the plot demands does make him stray into magic robot territory, which can be a little irritating.

The star of the group is Rocket Raccoon, who is animated perfectly and voiced with flare by Bradley Cooper. James Gunn has gone on record as saying that the movie wouldn’t work if Rocket didn’t, and it’s true. In many directors hands Rocket would have become comic relief, but here he provides much of the pathos in Guardians of the Galaxy.

For a breather episode in the Marvel canon, franchises or whatever else they call it, Guardians of the Galaxy is perhaps the best of their films. It’s certainly the most enjoyable. I’d also say that the friction between the characters seems genuine, which makes it’s resolution heartfelt and affecting in a way that Avengers Assemble didn’t quite manage.

Guardians of the Galaxy – Stranger Views Rating

All in all this is a 5 star movie. Oh, and keep your eyes peeled for Howard the Duck and a reference to Adam Warlock.

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  1. I agree! Love this movie. Just saw for the 2nd time last night. Can’t wait for the next installment of GOTG. They say it won’t be out until May 2017. That’s too long.

    Great job on your review.

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