Frances Ha – film review

Frances Ha - netflix review

Frances Ha is a quirky comedy following the tribulations of Frances (played by Greta Gerwig) as she approaches thirty and finds her life spiralling further and further away from where she wants it to be. While fun, ultimately it’s one of those films you’d watch on Netflix but wouldn’t actually buy the DVD.

Frances Ha is shot in black and white, which is good as otherwise I may not have guessed it was a kooky film with hipster sensibilities. The film follows the titular Frances as she struggles with a quarter life crisis in New York. While she is a barely employed apprentice dancer struggling to find a place to live, her best friend (and platonic love of her life) Sophie is moving to better apartments, getting into a serious relationship and moving on with her career. We see Frances try to come to terms with this changing world as she fights to keep her dream of being a dancer alive, in the face of an apparently crippling lack of talent.

Frances is the cloud cuckoolander character normally played by Zooey Deschanel. Where the film departs from this stereotype is showing how Frances’ ditziness and stupidity is viewed by those around her. For, while her friends like her, they are certainly not willing to hold up their own lives to help her out from the mess made she has created. At times this is taken a bit too far as Frances sometimes flies straight past ‘bohemian’ and hits ‘needs professional help’ instead.

The film shares the same landscape and world as the ubiquitous Girls. It even shares the actor Adam Driver, who some of you guys will know as the guy your girlfriend inexplicably fancies a bit. This places the film a little outside my comfort zone, as my world is as far from bohemian New York as it is from the 19th Century Welsh Coal mines. That said, I thought the acting and script were superior to what little I’ve seen of Girls, so if you enjoyed that then this is worth a watch.

Frances Ha – Stranger Views rating

3/5 Stars. Some will love this film, many will think it is okay, few will hate it. You can see the trailer below and decide for yourself if it is the type of film you’d like to watch (both the film and trailer feature Bowie’s Modern Love, which is a bonus).

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