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The Conspiracy is a horror story using the fake documentary style popularised by The Blair Witch Project. If you are a conspiracy fan, or are willing to suspend both disbelief and credulity, then this unusual horror may be for you.

The Conspiracy follows documentarians Aaron Poole and Jim Gilbert (played by actors of the same names) as they try to uncover the men behind the men who we think rule the world. Initially the protagonists are sceptical as they follow conspiracy nut Terrence (Alan Peterson) in order to try and find out what makes him believe the crazy things he believes. It is only when Terrence disappears that they start to believe there may be something more to his ramblings. This leads them to discover the Tarsus club, a shadowy organisation of powerful men who have been manipulating all major world events.

Alan Peterson’s performance as Terrence is the highlight of the film. He fills the screen with his presence and his melancholic and lonely energy is emotionally affecting. It is a real shame he has to disappear as, despite the best efforts of the film, the audience is never able to connect with Aaron and Jim in the same way.

The key to your enjoyment of this film is whether or not you can, at least in part, believe these conspiracy theories. If you can pretend that the idea of these clandestine groups controlling the world are in the least bit credible then this could be quite a powerful horror story. Sadly for me, I find the whole concept ludicrous and spent far too long laughing at the very idea the film is built upon. When asked to believe that there are secret meetings where powerful people meet and discuss world events I simply say ‘of course, that’s networking’ rather than wonder if there is some nefarious plan behind it all. In fact, even if there were to be a secretive club behind everything, I doubt it would change my day to day life much; my boss would still want me to go to work and my rent would have to be paid.

Overall, the film has highlights and I know many of you horror fans will love it. If you’re not able to get beyond the premise, however, it won’t quite hit the spot. The main enjoyment I derive from this film is that it’s a horror on Netflix that I reviewed before Myk Pilgrim on his website Little Plastic Castle. Now I think about it,  if you are a horror fan (or have Netflix) I’d suggest taking a look at the reviews on that website, I’m sure you’d love them.

The Conspiracy- Stranger Views Rating

3/5 stars. A solid horror but ultimately falling a bit flat for this reviewer, the film never really recovers from Terrance’s disappearance. If you do want to watch it, and you don’t have Netflix, you can get it on Amazon.

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  1. Heard a dirty rumour that there was some castling going on over here – glad to see it was all true.
    Thanks again for the shout out man/men that’s really cool of you. Also (& I need to get this straight) who is John & who is Graham? Starting to think i’m going crazy. More crazy maybe?
    Really nice review by the way and yes you did beat me to it, haven’t even seen this one yet. Will rectify that shortly.
    You sir, are the victor of this round.

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