9 film review

A quirky little animation that will pull at your heartstrings

9 movie review

9 is a haunting post-apocalyptic science fiction animation film directed by Shane Aker. The cast includes Elijah Wood, Jennifer Connelly, and John C Reilly.

9 plot summary

The movie 9 begins with Elijah Wood’s character, the titular 9, springing to live in the post-apocalyptic future. He is one of 9 Stitchpunks, strange little creatures that differ in personality but are alike in cuteness. The Stitchpunks battle for their existence in a world left devoid of life following a war between robots and man. Much of the film’s plot revolves around Elijah Wood’s character (the titular 9) heading out on a perilous voyage with a strange artifact, which must have been new territory for him.

The amazing aesthetic of 9

The first and most striking element of the film is its brutal aesthetic, which juxtaposes the cute and the creepy. This makes 9 both achingly beautiful and terrifying. The Burtonesque world is probably what you will remember most about the film.

The storyline is fairly simple and is clearly aimed at young teens. It is dark without being complex and, while there are many shocks on the screen, there are few surprises. The Stitchpunks are a little one dimensional, but this works within the film and I doubt will bother most viewers.

There are many films you can watch on Netflix, but few that’s very look will haunt you as long as 9. It’s a unique and affecting story starring weird creatures that will draw you in. The film 9 should also come with a warning, some of the scenes are genuinely creepy and will induce nightmares.

9 Review

9 is a bittersweet film with a simple plot. While hardly earth-shattering you could do worse than pick this film from the many on Netflix. If you don’t have Netflix why don’t you pick it up on Amazon.

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