What We Can Learn From American Gods Season 2 Trailer

Last week Starz released their second trailer for the second series of American Gods. Giving us more information than the previous trailer and the 3 minute clip they released earlier this year.

The trailer looks as epic as you’d hope, but it also raises a lot questions about the new season. We’ve broken down the trailer and what it might mean for season 2 below.

Media has been re-invented

Gillian Anderson was one of the star turns of the first season of American Gods. And many thought her departure signified a death-blow for the show itself.

This trailer gives us a glimpse of Kahyun Kim as the new Media. Fittingly, she also appears to be representing a ‘new-media’ when compared to Anderson’s more vintage look. Where as Anderson played Bowie, it seems that Kim will represent the faster-paced, meme-ifyed, modern media.

Less Black Briar

In the 3 minute clip released by Starz we saw Mr World make contact with a shadowy organisation called Black Briar. Although war is still very much on the agenda, they don’t make an appearance in this trailer.

Mad Sweeney and Laura appear entwined

The trailer showed Laura and Mad Sweeney in a field filled with violet flowers. As Mad Sweeney was in-part responsible for Laura’s death, this suggests season 2 may focus on Sweeney’s redemption ark.

This is supported by glimpses of Sweeney’s past, when he was a Celtic King, battling what appears to be a giant. This may be when he did his deal with Odin?

We’ve speculated before that Sweeney may be marked for death, this trailer lends credence to that view.


We appear to get glimpses of Thor, surrounded by Valkyries, in some sort of Wiemar Germany Cabaret. Our guess is that this segment is describing why Thor isn’t around in modern America and the affect it has had on Wednesday.

This suggests that the Wednesday in Germany is the same Wednesday in America. This is a departure from the novel, where the Gods are tied to their location.

What the hell are Laura and Shadow doing in the past?

We see Laura walking past Shadow in late 19th century America. As Laura doesn’t appear to recognise Shadow, we’re guessing it isn’t them transported into the past. But perhaps, this in Shadow’s previous life? (wink).

No Lakeside?

Shadow’s sojourn in Lakeside is conspicuous by it’s absence. It would make sense that this part of the novel would be cut from the show. It would drag the story away from the Gods and focus it more on Shadow. This may have made sense in the novel, but in the show Shadow’s role is more about introducing us to the various Gods rather than being the story himself.

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