How Scorpius could lead us back to the Farscape Universe

Why a spin-off show based on Scorpius would be epic

Farscape ran for four glorious years and those of us who loved the show will forever mourn its passing. Although there have been rumours about a movie circulating for years, it’s unlikely anything will ever be made.

But doesn’t mean we have to abandon the whole Farscape Universe. To do so would be a waste of some great aliens and one of the most insane imagined universes in fiction. Instead, there could be a spin-off show based on Scorpius.

What Makes Scorpius Awesome

Scorpius was intended as a one-off character but was so terrifying that he soon became a main cast member. To keep him in the show, they even built a major plot line around having a ‘neuro-clone’ of Scorpius put in the main character’s head. Being Farscape, that wasn’t even the oddest thing that happened in that episode.

Just look at the guy, he’s evil as hell and he doesn’t care who know’s it. As soon as he turned up on Farscape the previous Big Bad looked about as threatening as Little Bo Peep. True, he looks like Nosferatu at an S&M club but he makes it work.

Here are just a couple ideas on how a show could be built around Scorpius:

He could wage a lone war against the Scarrans

Scorpius was not a man to drop a grudge. Regardless of the political situation at the end of The Peacekeeper Wars, Scorpius would have kept up his personal war against the Scarrans. He could find his own Leviathan, pick up a new crew, and fight a guerrilla war against the detested Scarrans. This would create a sci-fi show where the hero’s morals and methods are as dark the villains, which always makes great TV.

Scorpius – the dark Samaritan

Scorpius could travel through space with a rag-tag crew helping those in need. Like a psychotic good Samaritan that’s capable of extreme violence and with a BDSM vibe. He could take us to new areas of the Farscape universe and meet new weird and wonderful aliens.

These were just a couple of ideas we thought of, so I’m sure others could come up with better ones. The great thing about Scorpius is that he is such a conflicted character that pretty much any premise with him in will be riveting. He could be coming to terms with his half-Scarran nature or simply trying to decide whether or not he is a good person or if he really is evil to his core. Whatever the setup, you just know it will be a fascinating watch.

Hopefully, I will have convinced you that there should be a Farscape spin-off focused on Scorpius. Ideally, you would be some high powered studio exec that can actually make this happen.

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