Lauren Tsai Added to Legion Season 3 Cast

Yay! Some news about season 3 of Legion.

Lauren Tsai has been named as part of the cast for Season 3. She will play the a young Mutant called Switch.

Who is Switch?

There was a mutant called Switch, appearing in a small number of comics in 1999. His powers are described as:

Neuralkinesis: He has the ability to mentally displace the frequency range of the alpha wave patterns in someone’s mind, switching brain waves between himself and another. This effect allows it so that his mind is in his victim’s body and vice versa.” (source)

So, sounds pretty similar to Syd‘s powers then. Of course, there is no guarantee that this means they will be the same in the show. That said, ‘Switch’ does sound like an appropriate name for someone who switches bodies with others..

Who is Lauren Tsai?

This appears to be Lauren Tsai’s first major role, but she was on the reality TV show Terrance House:Alloa State. You can follow Lauren on Instagram and Twitter.

Is there hint about Season 3 in the press release?

The press release says that Switch has a ‘secret ability serves as the key to executing David Haller’s plan.’

This may be reaching, but it’s interesting that David Haller has a ‘plan’. In the finale of season 2 David appeared to go on the run with Lenny. It looked more like he was going to bust out of Division 3 and go on a rampage than have any actual plan to prove himself right. That David is planning anything suggests that, just maybe, he hasn’t given up on getting back together with his friends and, hopefully, Syd.

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