Is this Professor X communicating with his son?

The most touching 17 seconds in Legion…. possibly

Legion was one of my favorite shows of last year. It was filled with quiet moments of pure awesome. It’s one of these moments that I’d like to discuss today. It only lasts a couple of seconds but, if you interpret it the same way I do, it’s possibly the most touching moment in the show.

In this scene David, while trapped with the rational (and British) part of his mind, theorizes about why his birth parents gave him up for adoption. He then has a moment of doubt. He wonders whether his parents simply gave him up for adoption because they didn’t want him.

In this moment we see the Professor X on the blackboard look shocked and reach out to David. I firmly believe that this is Professor X reaching out across the physic plane to try and comfort his son. You can see the clip below and my reasons for believing this below that.

You may believe this is a stretch, but there are reasons I believe this is actually Professor X trying to comfort his son:

  1. David is thinking that his father has abandoned him. So why is the avatar of his father showing the opposite emotion?
  2. That the avatar of Professor X looks like Professor X could be a clue. David wouldn’t know what his father looked like. So perhaps this shows that there is some physic connection between David and his father?
  3. Professor X would have spent the rest of his life thinking about his son. Given this, and his immense power, don’t you think he would on some level be able to sense that his son was in crisis and want to reach out and comfort him?
  4. It would be awesome if this were true.

Anyone else think there is anything to this, or am I just crazy?

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