Five Hopes For Legion Season Two

My main hopes for the next season of this great TV show.

Legion was one of last year’s most innovative tv shows. And there are many people hoping season two will maintain that high standard.

With that in mind, here are our five main hopes for season two that we believe will help it be a success. If you’ve got any hopes of your own let me know.

More Awesome Music

The music in season one of Legion was intertwined with the action to create some truly memorable moments. Rather than being simply cool background noise, the music gave us greater insight into the mind of David and added to the mind-bending nature of the show. From the opening Happy Jack montage to the T-Rex’s Children of the Revolution, each tune was perfectly chosen for maximum effect.


More Dancing

The weird Bollywood dance scene to Serge Gainsbourg was total madness and pure Legion.

Aubrey Plaza dancing through David’s memories while I’m Feeling Good plays was pretty amazing too. So let’s have more of both for Season 2.

Jemaine Clement gets more screen time

Jemaine Clement showed off his range and screen presence in season one. He brought the beat poet psychic to life with charm and wit. How he plays Oliver Bird now that the Shadow King is in charge will be fascinating.

If you want to read more about Jemaine Clement’s awesome performance as Oliver Bird, click here.

A reason for Aubrey Plaza to still be there

Aubrey Plaza was mesmeric, seductive and dangerous in season one.

Contemplating Season two without her would seemingly be madness. But it may not make sense narratively. Lenny, as we first saw her, was a patient at Clockworks. Then the Shadow King used her form to screw with David’s mind. Now that the Shadow King is free of David, why is the form of Lenny still useful to it?

This is what Noah Hawley has to say about Lenny in season 2:

“So now that the mask has come off, Lenny is in a position—she’s still, on some level, a puppet that’s being used by Farouk—and yet she’s like ‘hey man, if you’re done with me can I go back to my life?’ So we have this journey for Aubrey as someone who was really used and victimized in this traumatic experience. David was, really, her only friend, and now she has to make a choice: is she going to help her friend or is she going to be a tool of the Shadow King?”

“She did such a phenomenal job last year that I didn’t want her reward to be a mustache twirling eternity of being a villainous creature,” Hawley explained. “I think it’s much more interesting to take a very weak moral character and put them into a position of ‘well, you’re not a tool anymore, so what are you going to do?’”

Worryingly, this doesn’t seem like a strong enough reason for the character to stick around. Even worse, it almost seems like the role has been written with a view to enticing Plaza back rather than because the story required it.

More focus on Sydney

While David may be the main focus of Legion. Sydney, for me, was the most interesting character. It will be interesting to see how she develops in Season 2. For now, let’s enjoy her cutting Cary of mid-mainsplain.

You can read our character study of Sydney here.

That’s my five main hopes for Legion season 2. Now there’s nothing left to but wait and hope it’s as mind-blowing as season 1.


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