What we can learn from the first 3 minutes American Gods Season 2

Anticipation for the long awaited season 2 of American Gods is reaching fever pitch and the studio has whetted fans appetite by releasing the first three minutes of the new season.

What we can tell from the clip

It still looks fantastic

One of the strongest aspects of the first season was it’s aesthetic. It was one of the best looking shows of the last few years, with each scene designed to make the lives the Gods lead appear epic. It was one of the few shows to bring magical realism alive on the screen.

Each shot was crisp and clear, even the lines on Ian McShane’s face seamed to be expertly carved. From the first three minutes it seems that, thankfully, this visual style will be retained in season 2.

Media is important

During the troubled production of Season 2 Gillian Anderson left her role as Media. She has since been replaced by Kahyun Kim and it seems as she may get an even bigger role than Anderson did, with Media being a key player in Mr World’s plan. Or at least an important MacGuffin.

The ‘Spooks’ are coming

The ‘Spooks’ are key figures in the American Gods novels. They represent our belief in a sinister, all-powerful, agency that monitors and controls our entire lives. They have names like ‘Mr Town’ and ‘Mr Wood’.

It appears that, in the TV version, Black Briar is standing in for this shadowy corporation. Once again they appear under Mr World’s control, expect them to carry out his less savoury tasks.

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