Final Space Season 2 News

Everything you need to know about the second season of one of the breakout shows of 2018.

What is Final Space?

Final Space was the cult hit of 2019. An animated TV show that told one story over the entire eason, rather than having the standard episodic format of most animated TV shows.

It followed the adventures of the astronaut Gary and his crew of misfits as they try to thwart the Lord Commander and figure out the mystery of Final Space.

It’s a quirky, funny and touching show that’s built up a large following, particularly since it hit Netflix. The show was created by independent internet filmmaker Olan Rogers.

Is final space coming back?


If you’ve just finished the first season of Final Space and have immediately jumped online to find out if there will be a second, rest assured, a second series of 13 episodes has been commissioned.  

Indeed, the episodes have been written and, at the time of writing, 5 episodes are in the animation process.

When is the release date?

No official release date as of yet but Olan currently expects to have a trailer for season 2 ready in March. So the current expectation is the second half of 2019.

A recent update by Olan on Reddit said that he thinks that the show will air on TBS and Netflix International simultaneously.

What will happen in Final Space season 2?

Some speculation based on rumours and wild guesses about season 2.

This weird fella will be involved

We don’t actually know who this is, but he was released as a teaser pic recently. We’re guessing he may be one of the new antagonist Olan has referred to recently.

Expanded role for HUE

HUE, the A.I that flew Gary’s ship, is set for an expanded role in Season 2. The character had a dry wit and surprising warmth for an artificial intelligence. Olan has stated on Reddit that ‘Everyone will LOVE Hue,’ So, we hope, that means Hue is getting a bit more screen time in season 2.

More female characters

One of the criticisms of the first season of Final Space was the lack of female characters. Olan has stated that season 2 will see the introduction of three importnat new female characters.

Will Avocato be back?

Last seen plunging off a spaceship while clutching an exploding bomb, Avacato would appear to be as dead as dead can be. Yet, so beloved was he by fans there has been much speculation as to if and how he will return.

While time travel has been introduced into the show, it’s unlikely to be the way Avocato comes back. More likely is that he only comes back in form of flashbacks, to guide Gary and Little Cato with some cool pieces of wisdom.

The Lord Commander will have a smaller role

It looks like The Lord Commander will be back for Season two, but new villains will be introduced that will take up more screen-time. It’s a pity, as David Tennent was awesome in the role, but the character had probably reached the end of it’s arc.

Is there a trailer for Final Space season 2?

Not yet, but here the the trailer for season one, to watch while you’re waiting.

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