Five Reasons We’re Excited About The Good Omens TV show

News of Gaiman and Pratchett’s latest work hitting the little screen has got us all aquiver

Good omens tv showIn case just knowing that the adaptation of Good Omens is coming wasn’t enough to get you excited, here are five more reasons.

It’s a cultural touchstone

Finding out you’re talking to someone who also enjoyed Good Omens is like finding out you’ve got a friend in common. It gives you something to talk about and makes you confident that the person you’re talking to is worth getting to know.

It’s a novel that has touched so many people since it was written, and I’m pretty sure I’d get along with the vast majority of the people who’ve enjoyed reading it. Those who didn’t like it, I’m less sure of.

Neil Gaiman’s involvement

Co-author Neil Gaiman announced he was writing the scripts for Good Omens as a tribute to Terry Pratchett. Gaiman is one of the kings of fantasy and having him as writer and showrunner guarantees that the show will be funny, dark and emotionally affecting.

I miss Sir Terry

The Discworld novels were a big part of my life for a long time. My family would buy each other the latest Discworld novel for birthdays and Christmas. Meaning we have multiple copies of the same Discworld novels lying around our house.

Obviously, those days are past, so it’s great to have something Pratchett related to look forward to.

The Cast

Martin Sheen and David Tennant are perfectly cast as the angel Aziraphale and the demon Crowley, respectively. That the show is attracting top talent like that shows how seriously it’s being taken.

Sheen and Tennant are probably so talented they could swap roles and it would still work. But, as it is, they are both perfectly cast. When you add in a supporting cast that includes John Hamm and Anna Maxwell Martin you can guarantee that the show will be full of big performances.

Who it’s being produced by

Good Omens is being produced by the BBC and Amazon amongst others. This should fill you with confidence that the book will be adapted with the care and creativity that it deserves. After all, Amazon only recently adapted another of Gaiman’s works: American Gods. And that was about as good an adaptation of the novel as you could hope to see.

You can read more about the TV show here and you can read our favorite quotes from the novel here.

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