What we can expect from Daredevil Season 3

After getting the second season of Iron Fist out of the way, it’s time for the MCU series we’ve been waiting for to return: Daredevil.

In honour of it’s return, we’ve looked through the trailers and teasers to figure out what we can expect from season 3.



Fisk is back

At the end of the first series of Daredevil Fisk had finally accepted his role as the ‘evil man’. His time in prison hasn’t softened his resolve.

The Fisk – Daredevil dynamic is on of the more interesting ones in the MCU. Daredevil is the ninja sticking up for the little guy, Fisk is the brawler looking for domination. What joins them together is their iron resolve.

The dynamic looks to have fundamentally changed from the first season, however, as whereas Daredevil was hunting Fisk now it’s Fisk setting his sights on destroying Daredevil’s life. Ruining his reputation, his relationships and dragging him down into the same moral abyss in which Fisk dwells.


Daredevil will tackle the bigger themes

We last saw Matt Murdock recovering in a convent at the end of the Defenders. And it’s clear that this religious aspect to his character will be further explored in season 3. Murdock’s agonising over reconciling his life as a vigilante with his Catholic upbringing is different, more interesting and more mature than the standard superhero angst. It’s appears season 3 will have him toy with the idea of abandoning his ‘no-killing’ rule, which suggests he’s also reconsidering his faith. And it’s his faith that helped anchor him on the right side of morality.

Bullseye makes his entrance

It’s clear in the earlier trailer that Bullseye, or Poindexter, is being directed by Fisk to destroy Daredevil. It also suggests that he will be a good foil for Daredevil. He has a similar skill level to Daredevil but is free from Daredevil’s morals.

It’s clear that, on some level, he represents who Daredevil fears he will become. So we can expect that fighting Bullseye represents Daredevil fighting his demons.

Non of that supernatural stuff

It’s looks like ‘The Hand’  isn’t going to be an integral part of Seasons 3. Or at least we hope it’s not. The Supernatural never sat well with this gritty little corner of the MCU. It’s better when the story-lines are more violent, visceral and human. The Hand and their dragon bones were never as interesting as the human stories.

And we’re hopeful that season 3 will be a touching human story worthy a show we believe to be one of the best science fiction TV shows ever made.

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