The Best Pickle Rick Quotes

The best quotes from one of the best Rick and Morty Episodes

Pickle Rick is perhaps the most Rick and Morty episode of all Rick and Morty Episodes, if you get my meaning. It’s simply one of the best episodes of one of the best sci-fi shows ever made.

It’s funny. It’s completely mental. It has great action scenes that are self-consciously derivative. Yet it’s also a touching story of a family that can’t, or won’t, communicate with each other. For these reasons, we thought it would be cool to collect the best quotes from the Pickle Rick in once place.

“By the way, you might notice that in spite of your numerous distinctive features, I never gave you a name like Scar or Stripe or Goliath. That’s because, to me, you aren’t special. You were special to rats. Now they’re dead. I guess it was me you should have impressed.”

Rick, showing a truely awesome level of self-regard. It’s an entirely justifyed level of self-regard, but it still shows a super-powered ego.

“And”? What more do you want tacked on to this? I turned myself into a pickle, and 9/11 was an inside job?”

Rick making a 9/11 joke while being frustrated that no-one gets his genius.

“He died doing what he loved, being a dumb fucking rat.”

Rick giving a postmortem one liner to a rat he’s just killed. Awesome, if unnecessary.

Pickle Rick: You should know those men killed themselves.
Agency Director: And how is that?
Pickle Rick: They didn’t (burps) let me out.

Part of the joy of the episode Pickle Rick is seeing Rick really getting into his action movie one-liners. It’s almost like Harmon wanted to finally make watching far too many 80s action movies worthwhile.

“…this pickle doesn’t care about your children. And I’m not gonna take their dreams. I’m gonna take their parents.”

One more Pickle Rick one-liner.

“Jaguar: I never bullshit, Pickle Man. This can only end with one of us dead, and I have never died.

Pickle Rick: Yeah, there’s lots I wouldn’t do to see my daughter, but killing you gets me to her quicker than your derivative bullshit.”

In this one exchange, Jaguar gets an 80’s one-liner, Rick gets a comeback and Dan Harmon gets to lampshade how derivative it is.

“Jaguar: Pickle Man, it’s too late for me to tell my daughter I love her, but not for you.

Pickle Rick: Oh, well, uh, she knows.I mean, we don’t really buy into that kind of crap, to the extent that love is an expression of familiarity over time, my access to infinite timelines precludes the necessity of attachment. In fact, I even abandoned one of my infinite daughters in an alternate version of earth that was taken over by mutants.”

Perhaps the most important line of the episode. Despite the happy ending, where Rick suggests going for a drink with his daughter, it’s true that Rick abandoned his daughter of a doomed world. How does he pretend to be a father after that? You can the fight scenes from this episode below:


“I am mad that I can’t huff enamel without people assuming it’s because my family sucks.I hope to be seen one day as someone that just likes getting high.”

Summer, giving the rallying cry of all misunderstood teenage girls everywhere.

“Because I don’t respect therapy, because I’m a scientist. Because I invent, transform, create, and destroy for a living, and when I don’t like something about the world, I change it. And I don’t think going to a rented office in a strip mall to listen to some agent of averagness explain which words mean which feelings has ever helped anyone do anything.
I think it’s helped a lot of people get comfortable and stop panicking, which is a state of mind we value in the animals we eat, but not something I want for myself. I’m not a cow. I’m a pickle. When I feel like it. So…you asked.

Rick’s philosophy my be bleak, but it is impressive.

“Dr. Wong: Rick, the only connection between your unquestionable intelligence and the sickness destroying your family is that everyone in your family, you included, use intelligence to justify sickness.

You seem to alternate between viewing your own mind as an unstoppable force and as an inescapable curse. And I think it’s because the only truly unapproachable concept for you is that it’s your mind within your control. You chose to come here, you chose to talk -to belittle my vocation- just as you chose to become a pickle.

You are the master of your universe, and yet you are dripping with rat blood and feces. Your enormous mind literally vegetating by your own hand.

I have no doubt that you would be bored senseless by therapy, the same way I’m bored when I brush my teeth and wipe my ass. Because the thing about repairing, maintaining, and cleaning is it’s not an adventure. There’s no way to do it so wrong you might die. It’s just work. And the bottom line is, some people are okay going to work, and some people well, some people would rather die.

Each of us gets to choose.

Here, the therapist gets to drive home the point that Rick’s attitude and lifestyle aren’t healthy and are as much a distraction strategy as they are heroism. You can see the whole conversation here:

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