10 Questions for Death in Heaven to Answer

Cybermen Dark Water & death in heaven

Dark Water has got the whole of the internet chattering and has raised a lot of questions for next week’s episode ‘Death in Heaven’ to answer. So instead of doing a straightforward review I’ve decided to go through these questions. If you have answers to these questions, or theories about what will happen in Death in Heaven, then please share in the comment section.

Please bear in mind that the reviewer handles twists and turns about as well as a frog riding a unicycle, so some of the questions below may have answers that are obvious to you.

Questions Death in Heaven needs to answer

What’s the Clara – Missy Connection?
Many people have already assumed Missy was the woman in the shop who gave Clara the Doctor’s number. This wasn’t referenced at all in Dark Water  and should be resolved in Death in Heaven. Presumably this has all been part of the Master (sorry, the Mistress’s) masterplan and it will be irritating if it is left as a loose end.

Missy Dark Water
You’d think Clara would remember her?

Did Clara bring Missy back?
As mentioned in the Listen Review, having Clara go back to Gallifrey seemingly broke whatever time-lock was still in place. My initial thoughts were that this was Moffat’s typically cavalier approach to continuity, but it could be that something else was going on all the time.

Will Missy be around for a while?
Nobody does unhinged like Michelle Gomez and I’m sure she will make an excellent Master/Mistress. While I’ve read various reports of there being a lot of unhappiness at the Master regenerating as a female, I’ve seen very little. To be honest if you watch a show as crazy as Doctor Who you probably shouldn’t get too worked up when the possibility of gender reassignment through regeneration is brought up.

Hopefully, whatever happens in Death in Heaven, Missy is kept as the primary antagonist for a little while yet. Gomez’s Missy is able to verbly  spar with Capaldi’s Doctor in a way few others can. That Missy’s feelings towards the Doctor are tinged with power-based sexual undertones can only add another dimension to the relationship. They are the last two of their species after all…..

No way am I letting the Cyberman watch
No way am I letting the Cyberman watch

Why is Missy in league with the Cybermen?
Is it simply for the evils? If not, what is her agenda? Or, is she doing it because she is jealous of Earth’s place in the Doctor’s heart?

Am I an idiot for not realising Missy= Master?
As soon as Dark Water ended I turned to Twitter and was confronted by thousands of tweets all saying how they knew Missy was the Master. Am I the only one who was genuinely surprised by this revelation? Admittedly when she said Missy being short for Mistress I did twig, but as that was only seconds before the reveal  I doubt that shows any great detective skills.

What’s up with the robots?
deep breath
Both the clockwork man from Deep Breath and the robots from Robots In Sherwood were trying to get to the Promised Land. We then see the clockwork man meet Missy, suggesting that this promised land was the Nethersphere. Why would the Cybermen (or Missy) need Robots? Are they simply being upgraded to Cybermen? Or has Missy, or possibly the Doctor, sent the call out to robots through time and space for some other reason? Whatever the case, it looks like Death in Heaven may not be a straightforward Cybermen invasion plot.

This brings us on to our next question…

Is this battle being fought through all of time?
inside the dalek
We see robots/people find their way to Missy from inside a Dalek on a spaceship,  from Victorian London and from modern day London. Does this mean that the Cybermen being unleashed onto London at the end of  Dark Water are also being unleashed in the far future? Has Missy being waiting around for all of these years,just for the Doctor? Also of interest is why those greeted by Missy appear to be in a very different place to those greeted by Seb. I wonder if we will see why some people get special attention from Missy and others do not, perhaps this will lead to the reveal of her true motives in Death in Heaven.

Is this the end for Danny Pink?
Probably not is the answer to this one, but I hope next week’s episode is his last on the show. Ever since their relationship was first explored in the Caretaker I just haven’t bought that Clara really loves Danny as she claims. There is just no chemistry between the couple. I know we are meant to feel a genuine connection between the two, but it comes across like they are having to live with the reminder of an ill advised office fling.

What is Seb up to?
It was made clear at the end of Dark Water that  Seb, either knowingly or unknowingly, is  helping the Cybermen by coercing the ‘souls’ or people to delete their emotions. Is he simply in a mid level administrative position or is his connection to Missy and the Doctor more personal?

Will we see an Addison/Capaldi Showdown?
Those of us who are fans of the Thick of It and Doctor Who are hoping that hoping that Capaldi and Addison (who plays Seb the bureaucrat) will be on screen together in Death in Heaven. This would require The Doctor to enter the Nethersphere, which could well be where the plot is going.

For those of you who haven’t seen the Thick of It, I would love to have put a clip in here but couldn’t find one which wouldn’t make this website immediately X-rated.

And now for one unrelated question….

Has Moffat ruined cremation for me?

When I was young my Mum told me a story about the black death. Apparently the folk in England were so scared of catching the plague that they would throw anyone in a coma into the ground. Sometimes these people would wake up, leading to archaeologists finding coffins with scratch marks on the inside. As soon as Mum told me this delightful bedtime story I thought “sod that, I’m getting cremated.”

Big thanks to Steven Moffat for making me now scared of cremation and burial alive. Although I’m not sure if it would be worse to be burnt alive once, or to feel worms eat your flesh for ages.

If you have any speculation on, or answers to,  the questions above please leave a comment below.

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  1. This probably ties in with the above questions, but it would be good to know why The Tardis didn’t like Clara initially (although was that just because of her unique timeywimeyness?)

    Also, decomposing has to be better than being burnt alive

  2. If you’re an idiot for not figuring Missy connection I think we all our. I think it’s incredibly clever how Moffat did something that now seems so obvious but no one picked up on. Still hate the whole changing sex thing though… If he did love Rose, for example, it would make being a time lord a bit more complicated.

    Agree with Clara bush btw…. Loving these posts. Even if I don’t agree with reviews they make great reading.

  3. My interpretation of the whole cremation / nethersphere / promise land etc. is that it’s a con. 3W isn’t so much about death and afterlife as it is about tricking recently deceased into willfully accepting to have their conscience deleted in order to go through the cyber upgrade process. By means that remain to be revealed, people on the verge of dying have their conscious self uploaded into the gallyfrean slice drive, where it is manipulated by avatars like Seb into believing the afterworld will be hell to endure (feeling the burning of cremation, meeting the people you harmed, maimed or killed, even talking to living loved ones etc.) ; this is all targeted at manipulating them into releasing their humanity voluntarily. As the Doctor puts it, you never come back from the dead. So, it’s a con. The Nethersphere is heavily inspired by Dino Buzzati’s novel VIAGGIO AGLI INFERNI DEL SECOLO, part of “The K” collection, where Hell is depicted as normal life, albeit slightly worse.

    The question remains, why can’t Missy simply “edit the code” of the people inside the memory device to forcibly remove their conscience instead of making an act of it and wait for them to comply ? I hope to get credible answers on that point Saturday.

  4. I do need to make a correction here. Gallifrey is no longer “time locked”. As of the 50th…..SPOILER(?)…The Doctor, in all 13 incarnations, placed Gallifrey in a pocket universe. I have a theory that in the second episode, Into the Dalek, with the damaged/malfunctioning Dalek, that crack looked eerily familiar. Take that crack, give it a 90 degree turn, and it looked like the crack in the universe that drove the Amy Pond plot line during Matt Smiths first tenure. This link takes you directly to an image of that crack…http://www.flickfilosopher.com/wptest/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/dws08e02-7.jpg It is the best I could find. Looks rather familiar. I do believe that we are seeing the possibility that that crack may have allowed the Master/Mistress to escape. Being a time lord herself, the First episode appearance of Missy is irrelevant to the time line on which the crack appears. This should lead us to Season 9…where the doctor looks for Gallifrey, as was discussed between Matt Smith and Tom Baker in the gallery.

    I anticipate a further reveal of this all taking place this weekend. If not for the holiday episode…if there is one this year.

  5. I thought that the pocket universe thing had basically the same effect as a time lock- In that no-one could go forward in time out of it or backward in time into it? Please correct me if I’m wrong, I find the timey-wimey plots a little difficult to understand some times! That said, I thought the cracks were closed and that if they were open it meant the Tardis would be ‘still’ blowing up?

    I think you may be right about whatever happens with Missy/Master leading to the Doctor looking for Gallifrey. I hadn’t thought of it but it sounds like it could work really well. Also, didn’t Capaldi say somethign about correcting his mistakes at the end of the first episode?

  6. I’m glad you found the Missy think surprising. I expected to turn t Twitter and find everyone shocked but loads of people seemed to find it really obvious. You’re right about Moffat being clever about it though, he’s good at hiding those twists (at least from me). I’m okay with the sex change, they will never have it happened to the Doctor as no showrunner would take the risk.

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