There Goes the Galaxy – Book Review

A side-splitting humorous science fiction adventure with a galactic dimension, by Jenn Thorson.

If you are on a site like Stranger Views  I can safely assume you like science fiction. I can even guess that you are a fan of science fiction with a dash or more of humour. So, I can be fairly confident you will enjoy reading There Goes the Galaxy, by Jenn Thorson. A book so funny we put it on our list of funniest science fiction books ever.

The obvious comparison to make with There Goes the Galaxy is with The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Both take place in a sprawling universe full of beings and rules that barely make sense. Both follow an everyman as he tries to make sense of said universe. And both are very, very funny.

The story follows an average guy called Bertram. The unfortunate Bertram is dragged into saving the planet against intergalactic real estate developers. Along the way he meets seers, outlaws, intergalactic police, two-headed women and a host of other interesting aliens who seem to go out of their way to make his life a little more dangerous and a lot more confusing.

Comedic science fiction has one job. It has to be funny. There Goes the Galaxy is hilarious. Jenn Thorson juggles the jokes, exposition and characterisation masterfully. The reader will find themselves laughing out loud while feeling sorry for Bertram as he tries to make sense of the nonsensical. Special praise should be given for coming up with the name ‘Rolliam Tsmorlood’, which is surely one of the greatest names in science fiction.

If you like humorous science fiction books, then you really should pick up There Goes the Galaxy as soon as possible.

You can learn more about Jenn Thorson on her website or by following her on Twitter. If you’d like to read reviews of similar books, why not take a look at our book review section. If There Goes the Galaxy sounds like something you’d like I’d also recommend Welcome to the Multiverse

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