The Improbable Rise of Singularity Girl by Bryce C. Anderson

Funny but with hidden depths. For those of you that like a laugh with your science fiction.

improbable rise of singularity girl review.The Improbable Rise of Singularity Girl looks at artificial intelligence in an unusual way.

The novel follows the ‘life’ of Helen Roderick, a young scientist who uploads her brain into a bank of computers. What follows is a tale full of humour that examines what it means to be alive, unique and human.

Enjoy the references – it’s one for geeks

References to Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett and a host of other works abound throughout this book. To me, this is a great plus point of the novel. It gives you a better sense of the author and of the main character. The worry is that those who don’t get these references would be turned off. I wouldn’t worry about this for two reasons:

  1. If you haven’t read Adams or Pratchett then you should rectify the situation now.
  2. There is more than enough going on in The Impossible Rise of Singularity Girl to keep you entertained regardless.

Please don’t think that drawing on Pratchett and Adams makes The Impossible Rise of Singularity Girl derivative. It’s just a writer having fun and being brilliant in a way many of those who stumble across a site like Stranger Views will appreciate.

It’s AI – but not as we know it

At the core of this novel is an interesting study of what makes a human unique and whether this spark of humanity would survive being uploaded into a virtual world. Through Helen Roderick’s adventures, it’s impossible not to speculate as to her humanity. If your mind and personality were uploaded into a machine perfectly, would it still be you? And would it be as much fun as this book makes it appear?

Bryce Anderson’s work alternates between cynicism and optimism in a most human way and wraps some interesting philosophical questions in a very funny book.

We liked this work so much it’s on both our list of best books about AI in science fiction and funniest science fiction books.

If you want to read more book reviews please visit that section of the website. We also have a section devoted purely to the works of independent writers. If you’d like to find out more about the author, you can find Bryce Anderson’s Twitter feed here, and his website here.

There are certain cyberpunk elements to this novel, and if you’re interested in learning more about that genre try our guide.

  • The Improbable Rise of Singularity Girl

The Improbable Rise of Singularity Girl

A fun science fiction novel that makes you think about what makes us human as much as it makes you laugh like a hyena.

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