NovoPulp 2013/2014 Anthology – review

NovoPulp - Stranger Views Review

This is a collection of short stories from a group of talented speculative fiction writers who met through a Google+ community. There are eleven stories in total, all of which are rooted firmly in the pulp/speculative fiction genre.

The cover itself harks back to a different age of publishing, an age where adventures were rip-roaring and spacesuits eschewed practicality in favour of ensuring as much bosom as possible was on view. Like the cover, the NovoPulp Anthology will take the reader back to this golden age of speculative fiction short stories (although the bosom was noticeable only by it’s absence).

The best way to view this anthology is as eleven doorways into different universes with their own rules, technologies, creatures and problems. The reader will one minute be flying over planets as a  super-evolved human life form, in the next be pondering the moral implications of time travel and then will soon be laughing along at a Frankenstein parody.I can think of few better ways for a reader to take in such range of worlds in a short period of time than a well written short story anthology, which is what this is.

The authors in the NovoPulp anthology use the medium of speculative fiction to take another look at  everyday emotions, problems and thought experiments. They take these ideas and paint them on an epic canvas. This allows readers to gain a new way of looking at these issues while they enjoy good stories with interesting characters.

There is one weakness in every collection of short stories in that each reader will find it slightly uneven. This is unavoidable as every reader will connect with some writers better than others. All the editor can do is make sure all of the stories are consistently well written and that there is a good balance between thematic unity and diversity in storytelling style. The editor in this case has picked the stories well and deserves a pat on their back for their efforts.

If you know you like speculative fiction then the NovoPulp Anthology is worth picking up as you will enjoy the stories and you will find some new writers to look out for. If you don’t know if you like speculative fiction then I could not think of a better way of finding out than reading this anthology.

You can find the NovoPulp 2013/2014 Anthology on Google Books and on Amazon. For further information about this community visit their website.

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  1. Thank you so much for the glowing review! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. It is a great feeling when others can see the value in what we are collectively doing at NovoPulp. It is also good to know we are reaching people in the way we intended, by sharing thought provoking ideas through the medium of speculative fiction.

    FYI: If you like you can copy this (or part of this) review over to Amazon you will have a chance of winning a free copy of the next anthology! If you are interested you can find all the info here:

    Thanks again! 😀

  2. Thanks, won’t look for the free copy as would rather just buy it (try and support authors ect). Really enjoyed the book & hope the review allows others to enjoy it too.

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