Miasma – Book Review

A charming book full of characters you will love getting to know.

Miasma Book Review

A hidden gem of a book. If I had to use one term to describe this novel it would be ‘endearing’. I came across Miasma by Pete Alexander Harris on Twitter, a piece of serendipity that paid off.

Miasma Summery

Miasma is a colony world with various different human settlements strewn across its face. The novel is told from three overlapping perspectives. The naive packet runner Lanton, the librarian Emi and the wild scientist Mokan. Each of these perspectives is as unique as the narratives themselves. The colony is technologically backwards, for reasons that are slowly uncovered by our three narrators.

Miasma Review

Pete Harris has a real ear for language, with each characters’ internal musings told in a different style and sentence structure. This gives the reader an insight into each characters’ soul in a direct manner. This makes the reader genuinely root for each of the characters, despite their differences.

The plot reveals itself slowly and cleverly in bite-sized chunks. By the end of Miasma, you will be looking for answers as fervently as the protagonists.

Miasma is one of those rare books it is a joy to recommend. It’s like I’m giving you the opportunity to make a cool new friend. And a friend that loves science fiction to boot.

I know I can recommend Miasma because it passed my ‘commuter test’. This means that when I was reading it I contemplated missing my stop and being late for work so that I could see what happens next. If you like science fiction, and you’re looking for something different, I’d give it a read.

You can also follow Pete Harris on twitter and read his blog here.

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Misma Rating

Miasma by Pete Alexander Harris is a joy to read. You will grow to love each of the principal characters as the plot slowly unfolds before you.

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