Date Night on Union Station – Book Review

A zany science fiction novel you won’t regret picking up.

Date Night on Union Station, by E. M. Foner, is a fantastic science fiction novel that brims with a wild humour.

Date night on union station reviewDate Night On Union Station Summary

The novel follows Earth consulate Kelly Frank and scrap space junk dealer Joe McAllister as they try to find love with a super intelligent AI-powered dating service. Unfortunately, the AI does not understand humans and the two find themselves on increasingly inappropriate dates. Both Joe and Kelly are great guides for the reader. They are witty and react believably to the bizarre events that unfurl around them.

Date Night On Union Station Review

Date Night On Union station is a romantic comedy, but the comedy is more prevalent than the romance. E.M. Foner’s writing style combines charm and wit to create a hilarious read. It’s hard not to fall for a book that is just so damn likeable.

The early chapters can be a little disorientating as information is fired at you like bullets from a machine gun. However, the novel quickly settles into a steady pace that matches the rhythm of the humour. Alongside the main thrust of the storyline are a few quirky side plots that will keep the reader giggling. The stand out being a couple of girls selling flowers who pop in and out of the story.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out where the plot is heading, but this won’t take away from the reader’s enjoyment of the novel. In fact, knowing where the story is going is kind of comforting and makes Date Night on Union Station a real joy to come back to.

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