Adventures with the Wife in Space – book review

Adventures with the Wife in Space

Neil Perryman loves Doctor Who. He also loves his wife, Sue. He brought these two loves together by having Sue watch every episode of the classic series of Doctor Who and then posting her comments on an online blog (Adventures with the Wife in Space).  This book it is not simply reprinted posts from the blog and even if you have read every blog post you should definitely read Adventures with the Wife in Space.

Although Adventures with the Wife in Space is destined to be a book that wives buy their Doctor Who fan husbands it deserves a much wider readership, for the same reason you don’t have to be a football fan to enjoy Nick Hornby’s Fever Pitch.  As, while Adventures with the Wife in Space is clearly a fun read for anyone who likes Doctor Who, it is as much about passion, growing up and relationships as it is about the the travails of a Time Lord.

Adventures with the Wife in Space begins with Neil Perryman describing how he fell in love with Doctor Who in his childhood and what the show meant to him growing up. This section deals with the serious issues of growing up with a humorous but honest touch and allows the reader to get a real sense of the author.

Wife in Space really comes alive, however, with the arrival of Sue. As in the blog, Sue’s direct humour and Neil’s witty writing are a winning combination and a joy to read. Seeing glimpses of their growing relationship interspersed with Neil’s often humorous views on Doctor Who and how the show has impinged on his life and relationships is both funny and heartwarming.

What sets a Wife in Space apart from other blog books or stocking filler literature is the message it carries. In the book we see the importance of being passionate about something and then following through on that passion to create something unique. This is done by showing the start of the growth of the blog and with other examples from Neil and Sue’s lives in general.

That said, the main thrust of the book is of course the blog itself. With the help, encouragement and possibly a kick up the arse from Sue we see Neil turn an obsession with Doctor Who into a website lots of people enjoy. This is a pretty impressive achievement and it’s great to see someone’s partner give up so much of their time to help with such a labour of love. Even non-Doctor Who fans will be able to read this book and be inspired to share their passions with their partners and perhaps to try and make more of their interests than they currently do, which is pretty damn cool if you ask me.

To be able to share your passions with one other person is fulfilling, to then use that to bring joy to others has to be applauded.

You can read the  Adventures with the Wife in Space blog here and can purchase the book on Amazon.

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