A Forgotten Legacy by Larry Allen

A Forgotten Legacy, by Larry Allen, is a hard science fiction novel with a touching, human, centre.


The spaceship Endeavour is marooned above a distant planet, a disaster reducing the crew to one lonely linguist. A billionaire is using his immense power and wealth to find the one thing that has eluded him for years. On Earth, Greg Parker is struggling with a job he hates and a wife who despises him. These seemingly desperate people are connected by a plot that spans decades.

A Forgotten Legacy – Review

A Forgotten Legacy is written by a trained pilot and it shows in the adherence to the technical details of flight. Much of what happens in this novel is fantastic, but it’s made more believable by this hard science fiction attitude.

Hard science fiction novels can sometimes be accused of focusing too much on the science and not enough on the human. Even classics like Rendezvous with Rama could be accused of this. A Forgotten Legacy manages to remember the little man in a way most of this genre do not. Its heroes are neither brilliantly smart or particularly special. They are very much everyman characters dealing with everyday, messy, problems. Like being in a career you can’t escape or being stuck in a toxic marriage. It’s rare to see such a combination in any novel, and it was a pleasure reading it in this one.

There are some flaws in the novel, however. Its pacing is sometimes a little off, which can be a little jarring in the early parts of the novel. It also sets up some mysteries that are never fully resolved, although I hope they will be explored further in a sequel.

Overall, A Forgotten Legacy mixes sci-fi with the mundane in a way that produces a compelling and unique read. If that sounds like it’s for you, you can find it on Amazon.

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A Forgotten Legacy Rating
  • A Forgotten Legacy Review


A good read for hard science fiction fans.

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