6 Reasons why you need to read the Law of the Wolf

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The first two books in the Law of the Wolf series were amazing, so we were pretty excited when  S.A Hunt recently released the third part of this series, Ten Thousand Devils. Predictably this book received lots of very positive reviews. So, instead of adding yet another positive review, we’ve decided to tell you why you should start reading the Law of the Wolf series itself.

First of all a bit of background. The Law of the Wolf is set both on Earth and on the world of Destin and follows the three main protagonists as they encounter gunslingers, gods, monsters, strange species, weird science and a little bit of magic. The story merges fantasy, horror, mystery and science fiction to create something unique and memorable. If for some bizarre reason that hasn’t got you interested, here’s a further six reasons to read the Law of the Wolf Series.

Epic scale, personal story

Whirlwind in the thorntreeThe author is nothing if not ambitious. He juggles a host of characters, some quite ‘meta’ concepts and a storyline full of twists as he takes you through the the fantasy world of Destin. It would be very, very easy for the characters to become lost in this epic narrative. Happily, character development is very much at the heart of the Law of the Wolf series and the three main characters (Ross, Noreen and Sawyer) all have their own senses of humour, foibles, speech patterns and even character flaws.

Throughout the series the author puts his characters through the wringer. To the degree that, if they were actors, they would have stormed off the set. What sets the Law of the Wolf apart is that the reader can see just how each of these horrific events impacts and affects the characters.

The journey this takes the characters on means that, by the end of the third book, you will look back with a feeling of nostalgia as you consider what these characters have become compared with what they were at the beginning. This makes for a compelling novel and is the difference between a book that is a ‘good read’ and a book that will stay with you long after you have put it down.

It’s not just the main characters

Law of the wolfAll of the, extensive, supporting cast are also given their own characters and arc. To the extent that they come across more as heros of another story rather than a standard supporting cast. One of our favourite characters is the mad gunslinger Seymour. His mixture of humour, pathos and downright insanity having the effect, ironically, of grounding the fantasy aspects of the story. He’s also just pretty damn cool. Others will be drawn to the stoic outlaw king Normand, the gunslinger Walter, the griever Ardelia or another character entirely. Whoever your favourite turns out to be, I’m sure you will agree that the sheer number of well written three-dimensional characters is mindblowing.

The action

Francis Ford Coppola once gave an interview about the assassinations in The Godfather. He said he tried to make each murder unique in some way so each death is memorable; be it Vito unscrewing the light bulb or Moe Greene being shot through the eye. This should be the tenet all fantasy writers live by, for if your hero keeps relying on his magic sword in the same way the reader will get bored going from indistinct fight scene to indistinct fight scene.

The Law of the Wolf has a couple of magic swords alongside gunslingers, steampunk monsters, modified powerloaders and all sorts of weird stuff. Through the variety of weapons, the characters that wield them and the author’s vision, each major fight scene is given its own twist and flavour. This ratchets up the tension as the reader never knows how the fight is going to be resolved. S.A Hunt is also adept at using the action scenes to either show, or power, character development.

The world of Destin

Destin Law of the wolfThe world SA Hunt has created in the Law of the Wolf Series can hold its own with the best fantasy worlds. In some novels the setting is simply that; a setting. Destin, however,  reads as a living and breathing place in its own right, with each chapter showing a different aspect of this world. We’re not going to give any details away in this article because you should discover Destin by yourselves. We can, however, promise that Destin will seem as believable to you as an exotic country you saw in a documentary. The author achieves this through a combination of imagination and an eye for detail that makes the flora and fauna both fantastic and still strangely believable.

Read now – be smug later

I’m convinced that at some point the Law of the Wolf will break into the mainstream and launch the author onto the public consciousness. Soon there will be the inevitable TV show, comics and conventions. This is your chance to be that smug person who tells everyone that they read Law of the Wolf before it blew up. Sure, it will annoy people, but who doesn’t like to be a little smug now and again?

If you don’t want to wait that long for your window of smugness you can just recommend it to a friend now, who will then look at you with new found respect due to your awesome taste.

We’re not the only ones who love it

Okay, clearly we at Stranger Views are fans, but it isn’t just us. The Law of the Wolf series has been drawing praise from all corners and Ten Thousand Devils was recently the Winner of Reddit.com/r/Fantasy’s 2014 Stabby Awards Self-Published Novel of the Year. You can also check out the ratings on Goodreads  and the reviews on Amazon of the latest book, Ten Thousand Devils.

Hopefully you’re now convinced and are about to start reading the Law of the Wolf immediately. You can buy all of S.A Hunt’s books on Amazon. You can also visit his blog here, which contains some interesting book reviews.

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