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We love science fiction movies. So we write regular reviews of, and articles about, movies.

The focus of this site will always be science fiction movies. But, if we like another film, we will review it. That’s just the benefit of having your own blog!

  • The Best Blade Runner Quotes

    Blade Runner was one of the most innovative and influential science fiction movies of all time. So much show that it is on our list of must-watch science fiction movies. Here are our favourite quotes from the original movie. “Replicants are like any other machine. They’re either a benefit or a hazard. If they’re a […]

  • Who I Hope Dies In Infinity War

    It’s no secret that at least one Avenger will die in Infinity War. And there are plenty of articles speculating who it will be. This article is a little different. I’m not interested in predicting who will die, I just want to share who I hope dies. This doesn’t mean I didn’t like these characters, […]

  • Is it Okay to be Excited by Future World?

    In the last few days, the first trailer for a post-apocalyptic movie called Future World was released. The trailer, which you can view below, raises some interesting questions: Has James Franco lost his mind? Is it wise for a guy who has a history of being sleazy as fuck to play the role of a […]

  • Cargo – film review

    Cargo is a Swiss science fiction that’s thought-provoking and strangely beautiful. The film begins in a space station orbiting a dead earth. The station is full of filth, unhappiness, disease and people who want to escape to the terra-formed paradise planet Rhea. Unfortunately, Rhea is only for the very rich or extremely lucky. The plot […]

  • Should we be excited by Netflix’s The Titan?

    Netflix has released its first trailer for TheTitan. A science fiction-horror about a military family that undergoes an experiment to accelerate thier evolution to help them survive on Titan. What can we tell from the trailer? Apparently quite a lot. Unless a lot more is being hidden from us, the trailer itself seemed to reveal […]

  • Ready Player One: It’s not going to be Cyberpunk

    The novel Ready Player One is often described as cyberpunk.  It’s not. Despite its dystopian setting and cyberpunk elements it lacks the edge to be truly cyberpunk. Speilberg agrees. This trailer shows that any pretense towards cyberpunk has been stripped out in place of a Spielbergian soft focus adventure. This doesn’t mean it’s not going to be enjoyable. […]

  • Tim Blake Nelson Named as Michael Zero Director

    Tim Blake Nelson is set to take charge of science fiction action movie Michael Zero. This announcement may lead to you having the following questions: What is Michael Zero? Michael Zero is being billed as a high-concept sci-fi action-thriller. It follows Michael Redmayne as he hunts down clones of himself.  His clones having gone AWOL […]

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    Was Joi real? Did she love K? Does it matter?

    Bladerunner 2049 was a marvel of a film. It built on the legacy of its predecessor and added more depth to an already compelling universe. Like the original movie and the novel it was based on, Blade Runner 2049 raised questions about the nature of sentience and what it means to be alive. But it wasn’t […]

  • Great Movie Heists

    Money Guru have produced this great infographic showing some of the coolest heists in cinema history. It also includes a breakdown of the teams that attempted them. Criminally Good Movie Heists, courtesy of