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We love science fiction movies. So we write regular reviews of, and articles about, movies.

The focus of this site will always be science fiction movies. But, if we like another film, we will review it. That’s just the benefit of having your own blog!

  • Great Movie Heists

    Money Guru have produced this great infographic showing some of the coolest heists in cinema history. It also includes a breakdown of the teams that attempted them. Criminally Good Movie Heists, courtesy of

  • The Greatest Science Fiction Films Ever

    Science fiction is a varied and rich genre that has given us some classic films through the years. This is my attempt to provide a list of the absolute must watch science fiction films. This list is deliberately eclectic, to try and give you some idea of the variety of awesome science fiction movies you could […]

  • Reasons to watch Repo! The Genetic Opera

    Not to be confused with the excellent Repo Man, Repo! The Genetic Opera is a goth/science fiction opera that divides opinion. A lot of people love it, but even more think it’s awful. If you’re on a website like Stranger Views, then you probably should watch it. You may love it, you may detest it, […]

  • Movie Nightmares infographic

    Some films give you a quick scare, others keep you awake with fear for weeks. Some people at Mattress Online have come up with an infographic that goes through some of the scariest movies in cinema history. I’d have added Candyman to the list, scarest the crap out of me as a kid. Movie Nightmares […]

  • supernova film review poster

    Netflix Match Must Die

    I try to keep things upbeat on Stranger Views. Apart from the occasional rant about how bad Doctor Who has got under Steven Moffat, I generally only write about books and shows I actually like. But something happened last night that I just have to vent about. I settled down to watch a film on […]

  • Turbo Kid Review

    Turbo Kid is a low budget science fiction movie for all of you who are fond of ’80s sci-fi chic. It’s also a clear homage to post-apocalyptic science fiction movies like Mad Max and A Boy and His Dog. If you’re the type of person who has made it their business to watch every cult […]

  • Top Three Low-Budget Science Fiction Movies on Netflix UK

    Low-budget science fiction has a charm all of its own. Now that we’re well into the age of Marvel and the summer blockbuster it’s more important than ever to celebrate science fiction that focusses on ideas, character and plot over special effects. It’s not that big budget science fiction is bad, it’s just that science […]

  • Europa Report Review

    The Europa Report – Film Review

    If you’re a fan of science fiction and you have Netflix, at some point you will consider watching Europa Report. It’s like Interstellar, but on a really low budget.  Europa Report Summary The Europa Report is a movie about six astronauts on a voyage to Europa. Inevitably, the crew runs into various problems as they […]

  • 9 movie review

    9 film review

    9 is a haunting post-apocalyptic science fiction animation film directed by Shane Aker. The cast includes Elijah Wood, Jennifer Connelly, and John C Reilly. 9 plot summary The movie 9 begins with Elijah Wood’s character, the titular 9, springing to live in the post-apocalyptic future. He is one of 9 Stitchpunks, strange little creatures that differ […]