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We love science fiction movies. So we write regular reviews of, and articles about, movies.

The focus of this site will always be science fiction movies. But, if we like another film, we will review it. That’s just the benefit of having your own blog!

  • The Narrow World Short Film

    A stunning short film from Brent Bonacorso.  The Narrow world is a short faux-documentary about a gigantic alien that comes to earth and refuses to acknowledge or interact with humanity. It ignores being shot at by the military, studied by scientists  and just being generally heckled by humanity.  It seems as disinterested in us as […]

  • Cool Air Movie Review

    On Bryan Moore’s 1999 short adaptation of HP Lovecraft’s “Cool Air”, produced through Arkham Cinema and scheduled for home release sometime before the end of this year. If you are familiar with the original H. P. Lovecraft short story “Cool Air”, you know this is not one of the most terrifying tales he’s ever written. […]

  • The Scarecrow – Short Film

    It’s hard to write about a short film that’s only three minutes long without spoiling it. But trust me when I say, this was one of the most intense film experiences I’ve had. After about a minute, this horror short film will have your heart racing. It’s expertly made and watching it will freak you […]

  • A Crimson Man

    Occasionally we come across a short film we just have to share. And this is one of those times. A Crimson Man is a steampunk short film, that tells the tale of a young slave trying to reunite with his father in a war torn land. On his journey he meets a battle robot. Predictably, […]

  • Five Reasons Paul Is Underrated

    Paul is the Pegg and Frost movie that’s most often forgotten. It’s not part of the Cornetto Trilogy and it never achieved cult status. It’s just not had the permanence of their other works, being viewed as just a solid three star film at best. Yet, after watching this movie again, we feel it’s time […]

  • The Fall of Fame

    Falls are a commonly used trope to provide a dramatic and cinematic ending. Something every Disney fan knows.  I’ve been sent this infographic from a company called Roof Stores that details the most iconic falls in movie history. Starting, of course, with Gandalf’s fall following his battle with the Balrog in the Mines of Moria. […]

  • Awesome Movies DC Should Be Making Instead of the Joker Movie

    News has come out that Jared Leto’s Joker is getting his own origin story movie. While we hope that’s it won’t be as underwhelming as Leto’s Joker was in Suicide Squad, we don’t think it’s the movie DC should be making. DC’s attempts at world-building have been at best disappointing and at worst god awful, […]

  • New Sci-fi on Netflix: What’s Being Added in June 2018

    It’s always good to know what science fiction is coming up on Netflix. So we thought we’d make it easy for you. 1st June Galaxy of Terror A sci-fi horror film from the early 80s, produced by Roger Corman. A cheesy B movie for true aficionados. Species II Watch this only if you have watched every […]

  • The Best Blade Runner Quotes

    Blade Runner was one of the most innovative and influential science fiction movies of all time. So much show that it is on our list of must-watch science fiction movies. Here are our favourite quotes from the original movie. “Replicants are like any other machine. They’re either a benefit or a hazard. If they’re a […]

  • Who I Hope Dies In Infinity War

    It’s no secret that at least one Avenger will die in Infinity War. And there are plenty of articles speculating who it will be. This article is a little different. I’m not interested in predicting who will die, I just want to share who I hope dies. This doesn’t mean I didn’t like these characters, […]