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It’s a great time to be alive if you like TV. It’s even better if you’re a fan of science fiction TV shows. This section of Stranger Views is devoted to celebrating those shows. This includes reviews, articles, quizzes and whatever else takes our fancy.

  • Amazing tech

    Although we’re primarily a science fiction blog. We occasionally come across stuff that catches our eye just because it makes us think. This infographic details some of the coolest mobility scooters about to hit the market. It’s amazing to see the level of tech that goes into these personal mobility scooters. Future Of Mobility Scooters […]

  • Five Hopes For Legion Season Two

    Legion was one of last year’s most innovative tv shows. And there are many people hoping season two will maintain that high standard. With that in mind, here are our five main hopes for season two that we believe will help it be a success. If you’ve got any hopes of your own let me […]

  • Popular

    In Praise Of Sydney Barrett

    Sydney Barrett was one of the key reasons the first season of Legion was such a success. A complex character brought to life be a nuanced performance, Sydney’s presence is perhaps more understated than some of the other characters on the show. But it’s no less important. This article looks at some of Sydney’s best […]

  • Is this Professor X communicating with his son?

    Legion was one of my favorite shows of last year. It was filled with quiet moments of pure awesome. It’s one of these moments that I’d like to discuss today. It only lasts a couple of seconds but, if you interpret it the same way I do, it’s possibly the most touching moment in the […]

  • Hopes for the Altered Carbon TV Show

    Altered Carbon launches in a couple of days and, like many fans of cyberpunk, I’m pretty excited. Whenever a show you’re excited about is about to hit it’s a nervy time. It’s hard not to worry about whether or not the show will live up to expectations. With that in mind, here are my hopes […]

  • What is Cyberpunk?

    What is Cyberpunk Cyberpunk is a “high-tech” low-life genre of sub-genre science fiction that mixes technological advancements with a breakdown of social order. Works in this genre often show individuals struggling against more powerful forces, such as corporations or the aristocracy.   Common themes in Cyberpunk Cyberpunk often takes place in front of a backdrop of rampant capitalism. […]

  • Good Omens TV Show News

    We’re very excited by the adaptation of Good Omens, due in 2018. Below are the key facts about the show, which we’ll update the more information we get. What is it? Good Omens is based on a novel by the incomparable Terry Pratchett and his longtime friend, and genius fantasy writer, Neil Gaiman. The novel […]

  • Good omens tv show

    Five Reasons We’re Excited About The Good Omens TV show

    In case just knowing that the adaptation of Good Omens is coming wasn’t enough to get you excited, here are five more reasons. It’s a cultural touchstone Finding out you’re talking to someone who also enjoyed Good Omens is like finding out you’ve got a friend in common. It gives you something to talk about […]

  • Looking back at the great music of Stranger Things Season 1

    There’s lots to look forward to in season 2 of Stranger Things. But what I really hope lives up to the standard set in season 1 is the music. Through the music, the showrunners were able to evoke the spirit of the 80s, add color to characters, evoke emotion, build tension and simply create some […]