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It’s a great time to be alive if you like TV. It’s even better if you’re a fan of science fiction TV shows. This section of Stranger Views is devoted to celebrating those shows. This includes reviews, articles, quizzes and whatever else takes our fancy.

  • Good Omens TV Show News

    We’re very excited by the adaptation of Good Omens, due in 2018. Below are the key facts about the show, which we’ll update the more information we get. What is it? Good Omens is based on a novel by the incomparable Terry Pratchett and his longtime friend, and genius fantasy writer, Neil Gaiman. The novel […]

  • Good omens tv show

    Five Reasons We’re Excited About The Good Omens TV show

    In case just knowing that the adaptation of Good Omens is coming wasn’t enough to get you excited, here are five more reasons. It’s a cultural touchstone Finding out you’re talking to someone who also enjoyed Good Omens is like finding out you’ve got a friend in common. It gives you something to talk about […]

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    Looking back at the great music of Stranger Things Season 1

    There’s lots to look forward to in season 2 of Stranger Things. But what I really hope lives up to the standard set in season 1 is the music. Through the music, the showrunners were able to evoke the spirit of the 80s, add color to characters, evoke emotion, build tension and simply create some […]

  • What to make of the new Stranger Things teasers

    Netflix recently released a new poster for Season 2 of Stranger Things alongside a teaser clip, a season description and a new premiere date (October 27th). Obviously, the poster and the clip below don’t really give us enough to go on when it comes to speculating on where the show is going to be heading. […]

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    Jemaine Clement as Oliver Bird

    Like many people who’ve binge watched Legion, I was blown away by so many aspects of the show. The writing, the performances of the leads, the music, the aesthetic, the challenging narrative structure and the pure insanity of the show were all breathtaking. But one performance hasn’t had the praise it deserves: Jermaine Clement’s.  It was […]

  • Home

    If you’re going to get lost down a YouTube rabbit hole, there are few better ways of doing it than by watching sci-fi short film after sci-fi short film. This is how I came across Home by Loud Pictures. Home’s plot assembles piece by carefully selected piece into a bewitching story of loneliness, loss and […]

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    Mad Sweeney’s Journey So Far

    Mad Sweeney has stolen almost every scene he’s been in since he first appeared in American Gods. He’s the breakout God of the series and one of, if not the, most compelling Gods in American Gods. Now that Season 1 is over I thought it would be a fun to have a look at his journey, […]

  • Which Ferengi Are You?

    Recenty I binge re-watched DS9 and decided I loved the Ferengi episodes. So, because I have nothing better to do with my time, I made this quiz: Which Ferengi Are You? The Ferengi characters of Deep Space 9 were some of my favourites on the show. So I came up with this personality test to […]

  • 10 Best Films About Finance

    The world of finance may have a boring reputation, but it’s led to some great films. From exposes like Enron: The Smartest Guy’s in the Room to classic’s like Wall Street, there’s something seductive about movies about money. Especially when it’s a lot of money with a twist of sin. The people at ABC finance […]

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    mr world loki disguise

    Will they Change the Ending Of American Gods for the TV show?

    We’re a few episodes into American Gods, the TV show, and it’s clear they will be diverging a little from the novel. But the dramatic appearance of Mr World in ‘Lemon Scented You’ made us wonder if they will also change the ending from the novel. This post will be spoiler heavy, so don’t read below […]