Category: Science Fiction Short Stories

Short stories are an underappreciated art form. So we are happy to share so many cool short stories on Stranger Views. These stories have been sent to us by kind and talented writers. Although we are a science fiction site, we are happy to consider any genre.

  • I’ve Got A Little List – by JP Paradise

    The walk back from the supermarket along the river is lovely and tranquil. Well, tranquil-ish, as the sound of traffic is never far away. I hate going for the shopping at the best of times but, just occasionally, if the weather is right and the towpath dry, it can be almost pleasant. Today is one […]

  • Just Desserts – by JP Paradise

    Monica, my boss, had a birthday fast approaching. She was a woman for whom nothing was too much trouble. She would lend an ear, be a shoulder to cry on, and get you out of a tight spot if you happened to have screwed-up. I did a lot of screwing-up and, to be frank, it […]

  • Mark on the Toilet – by Jeff Elkins

    Sometimes you come across a short story that demands your attention, ‘Mark on the Toilet’ by Jeff Elkins is such a tale. I first read this story three weeks ago and it’s been popping back into my head ever since.   Mark sat on the toilet again, pants around his ankles, watching for the time to […]

  • scarlach

    Scarlach – by Brian Rella

    We’re really chuffed that blogger and writer Brian Rella has decided to let us post this short story horror ‘Scarlach’ on Stranger Views. We know a lot of our  visitors like the creepy and scary side of literature and we’re sure they will appreciate this.   John Baker is chasing me again. I run through […]

  • Pierre’s Head

    Stranger Views is very happy to be able to put up this flash fiction piece from Australian writer Martin Rusis.   A lightable mood billowed with the dry rubbish blown in the gutters. Along the empty night streets or wafting over walls, it was drawn on. As a vapour, it flowed and settled. As a static […]

  • Pigeon Punching In North Africa

    The following piece of paper was found during the demolition of a late Victorian house, under the bathroom floor. After months of detailed research, no trace of the original publication could be found. This is thought to be the only surviving proof of its existence. Only the front of the page was legible, the address […]

  • Ravenous – by Andrew Darlington

    This weeks short story has kindly been given to the site by Andrew Darlington. The story looks at a situation a lot of us who are interested in science fiction and speculative fiction will have wondered about: what happens when apex predators meet?   An eye. That’s all there is. An eye in the Martian regolith. […]

  • Alice

    This piece of fantasy flash fiction is from the youngest contributor to Stranger Views, 16 year old Annie Kenworthy. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did.   “You can’t get on my bus like that, son” the driver said stubbornly, folding his tattooed arms over the steering wheel with a look […]

  • SoRaMA – a short story by Andy Ritchie

    A short story set in a dystopian future, SoRaMA certainly packs a lot into a few words: character, science, space travel, a tight plot and an environmental debate. We at Stranger Views are sure a lot of you science fiction fans will enjoy this short story by Andy Ritchie, because we certainly did. This short […]