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Classic science fiction reviews

Stranger Views takes classic science fiction seriously. We write articles devoted to books like Neuromancer, The Stars My Destination and Day of the Triffids. These aren’t just reviews. They are works of literary criticism. We hope these articles either inspire you to read these books or give you a new insight into these works after you have read them.

What makes a book classic science fiction?

For something to be considered classic science fiction it must fulfill one of the following three criteria:

  1. A general census around its place in the pantheon of classic science fiction has been achieved
  2. The book clearly inspired others in science fiction and was clearly vital to the growth of the genre
  3. Becuase we say it is. After all, it’s our site.


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    Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep – Review & Analysis

    Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep is perhaps Philip K Dick’s most famous work. It’s also one of his darkest. The novel is an examination of human morality, empathy and our perception of what makes us ‘real’ or somehow ‘special’. It’s fair to say that Dick does not believe that humanity scores well in any […]

  • The Demolished Man: Review & Analysis

    The Demolished Man is a psychological thriller noir set in the future policed by mind readers. It was written by Alfred Bester and is perhaps most famous for being the first Hugo Award winner. If you’ve read Bester’s The Stars My Destination and you’re looking for another cyberpunk classic, The Demolished Man is not that […]

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    The 36 Science Fiction Books You Must Read

    Science fiction is a genre that covers a great variety of novels. From the mind-bending weirdness of Philip K Dick’s work to space operas like Dune. I’ve created this list for those who want to read some great science fiction and want some suggestions for their next book. It includes novels from a number of […]

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    Flowers for Algernon Summary & Analysis

    Flowers for Algernon is a classic science fiction novel as poignant today as it was on its release. Flowers for Algernon is an elegantly beautiful book that almost defies analysis. This is one of many reviews of classic science fiction novels we have in the sci-fi book section of the site and is on our […]

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    Ringworld Review, Themes & Analysis

    In this week’s look at a classic science fiction novel we are critiquing Ringworld, by Larry Niven. We enjoyed Ringworld so much we put it on our list of best science fiction books. Ringworld – a synopsis Ringworld’s central plot sees the permanently bored 200-year-old Louis Wu, the genetically lucky Teela Brown, and two very […]

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    Our Favourite Neuromancer Quotes

    Like any fans of cyberpunk, we love Neuromancer. In fact, we love it so much we wrote a review of it and put it on our list of must-read science fiction novels. So we’ve decided to pick out some of our favorite quotes from Neuromancer to share them with you. If you think we’ve missed […]

  • Definition of soft science fiction

    Review and Analysis of The Lathe of Heaven

    After recently focussing on The Man in the High Castle, we thought it was appropriate to look at the ideas presented in the Lathe of Heaven by Ursula K. Le Guin. This is a classic soft science fiction novel and made our list of science fiction novels everyone should read.       The Lathe […]

  • Definition of military science fiction

    The Forever War – Review and Themes

    If you have more than a passing interest in science fiction you will have come across The Forever War, by Joe Haldeman. It’s one of those classic science fiction novels that people who don’t respect sci-fi say ‘transcends the genre’. It doesn’t. It’s simply a great book that happens to be in the science fiction […]

  • 5 reasons Snow Crash will be the coolest book you ever read

    Snow Crash is an audience splitting work of science fiction. To some a cyberpunk classic, to others it’s poorly written and just plain bad. Snow Crash is one of the best books I’ve ever read, which is why it’s on my list of best science fiction books ever. This is due both to its virtues […]