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  • Best of the web – Film Famine

    Film Famine is a new website devoted bringing you movie related articles and reviews. This is a website for film fans who need more than the more generic offerings of bigger more established sites. I’ll put a few links and descriptions of some of my favourite articles on the Film Famine below. I hope you […]

  • War and Politics of Ice and Fire – Best of the Web

    The blog ‘War and Politics of Ice and Fire‘ takes George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series far too seriously. We love it. The blog contains a number of posts about things going on in the World of Ice and Fire, but what drew me in was its literary criticism of the […]

  • Carabas – Best of the Web

    Carabas is all about alternative culture. So if you love Cult Film, Sci-fi / Fantasy, Alternative Music, Comics and Graphic Novels you’ll find something that interests you. It’s also a great place to check out what is happening in London (and the manager of the site, Tim Bailey, organises some excellent, if boozy, meet ups […]

  • SCY-FY: The Blog of S. C. Flynn – Best of the Web

    S.C Flynn is a science fiction/fantasy writer and poet whose blog contains his thoughts on science fiction/fantasy novels, some of his poems, links to other science fiction blogs and a few interviews with science fiction bloggers. He has also, as you can tell from the picture above, read a lot of books. As science fiction […]

  • Super Zero: Badass Journey Into Zombie Awesomeness – Best of the Web

    In a change from the usual ‘Best of the Web’ format, we’ve decided to do more regular posts but have each post focus on just one ‘Best of the Web’ item. This week it’s Super Zero: Badass Journey Into Zombie Awesomeness. The short film below shows what could be the  genesis of an awesome new Zombie […]

  • Best of the Web – Week 2

    The internet is full of blogs with great posts and pictures by talented individuals, which everyone should take the time to find. Otherwise we may as well give up and stick to reading articles called ‘10 things you didn’t know about Renee Zellweger’s Face,’ or whatever other crap is on Buzzfeed at the moment. We […]

  • Best of the web

    Here at Stranger Views we love writers and bloggers of all genres. So we thought we would share three of the more interesting articles we’ve found from around the web. None of these articles are that similar to what is on the Stranger Views website but all are interesting and well worth you reading. [custom_headline […]