Top Ten Rick and Morty T-Shirts

Rick and Morty is one of the funniest and most innovative science fiction tv shows of the last decade, if not ever.

Dan Harmon’s dark creation has become a sensation. It’s awkward and anti-social characters are quoted around the world by an avid fan-base. If you’re part of that fan-base then you may be interested in taking a look at our favourite Rick and Morty T-Shirts.

Your opinion means very little to me

A sentiment that screams Rick in a subtle but still cool t-shirt. You can buy it on Amazon for around 12$.


Your Opinion Means Very Little To Me - Rick Morty Funny Cartoon TV Show T Shirt - Large - Dark Heather

Toxic Rick and Morty

The makers of this Rick and Morty T-shirt advise against feeding it after midnight. I’m not sure what the Gremlin’s reference adds, but this t-shirt is pretty cool simply becuase it references one of my favourite Rick and Morty Episodes, Rest and Ricklaxation, and costs about 20$ from Amazon.


Ripple Junction Rick and Morty Ship Dumping T-Shirt (Large, Heather Charcoal)

Vitruvian Rick 

Rick truly is a renaissance man. He sings, he dances and he’s the smartest man in the universe. This t-shirt doubles down on the Da-vinci by having Rick and Morty Forever written in mirror writing over and over again. It costs 17-24$ on Amazon and is in a pretty cool blue.

Ripple Junction Rick and Morty Vitruvian Rick Mens Navy Heather T-Shirt XL

Get Your SHIT Together

One of Morty’s most famous quotes. It’s delivered in a painfuly slow Harmonesque way and to a certain degree sums up Morty’s awkward anger. This t-shirt can be yours for 20$.

Mens Get It Together - Rick and Morty Large Black

Gangster Rick

A Latino sciencetist in a cartoon may not seem like he has a lot in common with N.W.A but for some reason this shirt makes all sorts of sense. You can buy this ‘straight outta C-237’ shirt for about 12$.

UGP Campus Apparel Straight Outta C-137 Funny Rick Dimension C-137 T Shirt - Large - Dark Heather


I’m Mr Meeseeks Look at Me!

We had to include a Mr Meeseeks t-shirt on this list. This bizarre creation wouldn’t have worked on pretty much any other TV show, but on Rick and Morty he fit right in. For whatever reason, these sad creatures have become part of science fiction history. You can get this Meeseks t-shirt from between 15-23$.

Ripple Junction Rick & Morty Look At Me Adult T-Shirt (Large, Heathered Charcoal)

I’m Pickle Rick T-Shirt

Pickle Rick was an awesome episode. It was a bizarre tale of a man who became a pickle and the adventures it led too. It’s also a touching tale of a family trying to piece itself back together. But above all, it’s about a man turning himself into a pickle because he could.


Ripple Junction Rick and Morty I'm Pickle Rick Adult T-Shirt 3XL Black

Get Schwifty

Oh, yeah!
You gotta get schwifty.
You gotta get schwifty in here.
It’s time to get schwifty.

If that song means anything to you, you may want to pick up this t-shirt from Amazon.

Ripple Junction Rick and Morty It's Time to Get Schwifty Shirt (Large, Heather Grey)

A subtle Schwifty

If you want to proclaim your love for Rick’s earth saving song in a more subtle way. Perhaps this t-shirt is more your style.

UGP Campus Apparel Schwifty Funny Mens T-Shirt - Large - Black

Rick and Morty Szechuan Sauce T-shirt

Szechuan Sauce is a big part of Rick’s life, driving him to search through time and space to find experience it’s divine taste once again. You can commenerate his yearning for this promotional source with this t-shirt from Amazon.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

I don’t know why the film adaptation of Hunter S Thompson and Rick and Morty goes so well together. But it just does. Perhaps it’s because, on some level, Rick and Morty is about one man’s own fear of what he has become and subsequent self loathing. Whatever the case, it’s a cool t-shirt.


Wubbalubba Dub-Dub

The fun Rick catchphrase that actually means  “I am in great pain, please help me.” How very Rick and Morty. It also makes a fun t-shirt.

Ripple Junction Rick and Morty Wubbalubba Dub-Dub Mens Charcoal Heather T-Shirt XXL

Another Pickle Rick T-Shirt

And why not, it may be the most iconic episode of the show.

Ripple Junction Rick and Morty Pickle Rick Rat Suit Men's T-Shirt (Medium)

Reservoir Meeseeks T-Shirt

I don’t know why this Meeseeks – Reservoir Dogs T-shirt exits: but I’m glad that it does. It costs about about 15$ and it’s pretty cool.

Reality Glitch Men's Reservoir Meeseeks T-Shirt (X-Large, Sapphire)

Rick and Morty in front of the Infinite

While it may be a dark show with a bleak world view, part of Rick and Morty’s charm is that it is about two guys adventuring through the cosmos together. This shirt gives some indication of that, and for that reason it was worth including in this list.

Rick and Morty Starry Night T-Shirt, Rick Sanchez Men's Women's Tee, (XL - Male)

We hope you liked some of these shirts as much as we do.

If you’re still looking for Rick and Morty stuff, take a look at our favourite  Rick and Morty Board Games and Rick and Morty Mugs. We’ve even got a page dedicated solely to Pickle Rick T-Shirts.