The Top Ten Pickle Rick T-Shirts

The best in Pickle Rick T-shirts

The Pickle Rick episode was a high point in the Rick and Morty show. So far, it’s the only one nominated for an Emmy. It’s also simultaneously awesome, weird, funny and surprisingly emotional.

It’s possibly the most quoted and memed of all the Rick and Morty episodes, which isn’t surprising as it combines Dan Harmon’s love of the absurd with some epic action.

To celebrate the episode’s genius we thought we’d put together a list of best Pickle Rickt-Shirts we could find.


To start, we’ve chosen a shirt that shows Pickle Rick stepping out like the rock star he is.

Nurdtyme It's Pickle Rick! Unisex T-Shirt Morty Funny Humor Cartoon Animation



The Adventures of Pickle Rick

Pickle Rick came from the sewers with limbs of a rat and a mean attitude. Something this T-shirt captures pretty well.

Rick And Morty Official Men's The Adventures Of Pickle Rick T-shirt - Loose Fit

Pickel Rick Tiny Pocket Shirt

A bit subtler than our first two t-shirts. This Pickle Rick tshirt simply has our tiny Pickle Rick poking out from his pocket.

Rick and Morthy Picke Rick Tiny Pocket Shirt TV Funny Mens T-Shirt

Pickle Rick Goes Big

From the subtle to the not so, erm, not so subtle. This Pickle Rick T-Shirt proclaims it’s love for the tiny green fella without apology. And why not?

Ripple Junction Rick and Morty I'm Pickle Rick Adult T-Shirt Small Black

The Tank Top

I’m not sure there is ever a reason to wear a tank top but, if there is, Pickle Rick is that reason. Now you can wear Pickle Rick while your working out, doing cross fit, showing of your guns or doing whatever the hell it is that people who wear tank tops do.

Ripple Junction Rick and Morty EXO Suit Pickle Rick Adult Tank Medium Navy

Solenya The Pickle Man T Shirt

“Some of my men are calling you “Solen’ya”: The Pickle Man, an old wives tale. He crawls from bowls of cold soup to steal the dreams of wasteful children.”

This is a line that could only be uttered on a Dan Harmon show, and this t-shirt celebrates it in style.

Rick and Morty Solenya The Pickle Man Graphic T-Shirt

Genius Pickles Rick and Morty T-Shirt

Possibly the best T-shirt on this list. Rick’s a genius and he’s a pickle. What’s not to love?

Genius Pickles Rick and Morty T-Shirt S-3XL (Medium)

My Eyes! My Eyes!

Not the prettiest item on this list. Or any list for that matter.  But what it lacks in aesthetics, it makes up for in over the top psychedelic weirdness. And what could be more Rick and Morty than that?

3d Hoodies Cartoon Rick and Morty Printed Women/Men Hip Hop Hoody Streetwear Hooded Sweatshirts Shirts 5XL


Pickle Rick Brings a Laser

A t-shirt that shows Pickle Rick before his showdown with the Jaguar. To be honest I just like the green.

Ripple Junction Rick and Morty Pickle Rick Lazer Adult T-Shirt XL Moss

Pickle Rick Hoodie

We’re finishing off with a hoodie, because it’s better than any of the t-shirts we could find. It may not feature Rick himself, but who doesn’t wish Pickle Rick was his soulmate

Brisco Brands Morty and Pickle Rick Funny Gift Wubba Dub Schwifty Cool Hoodie Sweatshirt

We hope you found something you liked. If not, why don’t you watch this montage of all the Pickle Rick fight scenes so that reading this wasn’t a complete loss.


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